I have renamed a torrent download, how does it affect me?

On many occasions, instead of using the download function of our web browser, we use a torrent client. We generally use these programs and their corresponding P2P networks to download large files thanks to their characteristics and behavior.

Mainly for this reason, the clients that we install on our computer to download Torrent files offer us a good number of customizable functions. This allows us to adapt the behavior of the program to our needs. And it is that a multitude of elements come into play here, such as the data that we are going to share, the bandwidth to use, the disk locations where we will store everything, and much more. It must be taken into account that the P2P networks are specially designed so that we can work with large files reliably and seamlessly.

All this thanks to the internal behavior of these clients and the aforementioned networks. At the same time we must know that by default clients like Transmission, uTorrent either qBittorrent, they come prepared so that we can use them from the first moment. This means that we only have to download the program of this type that we want, install it and start downloading content.

However, at the same time, more advanced users have the possibility of making use of its functions to improve the behavior of the program. Normally it has a configuration window with a multitude of sections and parameters for all of this. One of the most common changes here is change default folders to store the contents that we treat here. At the same time we usually indicate the bandwidth that the Torrent client will be able to use.

Advantages of renaming an active torrent download

Once we have indicated to the program the disk and folder locations that we want to use, we can already start with the sharing processes as such. Once we have loaded a file with these characteristics in the client, it appears on the desktop with the original name established by the one who shares it. On many occasions, it is made up of a long string of characters that we are not always interested in seeing.

With this, what we want to tell you is that we generally have the opportunity to rename that Torrent with which we work, even before the download is finished. In addition, it is important to know that this modification will not affect the storage path at all and the content of the file. Everything will remain exactly the same, unlike the name of the Torrent file with which we work. At the same time this can be extremely useful for organizational reasons or for distinguish well those files that we have loaded on the client at that time.

torrent name

Many of the clients allow us to make changes to the program’s settings directly from the main desktop. For this modification in the name that we are talking about, it is enough that we click with the right mouse button on the corresponding entry that is being downloaded. In this way, in most cases we find an option that allows us to directly rename that download. Obviously this is something that we can repeat as many times as we want and with all the files that we have in operation.

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