I lost my health card and I couldn’t waste time: that’s how I asked online

When the coronavirus pandemic began to be a health problem in Spain, as well as in other countries, many were the public administrations that were forced to implement telematic measures to continue offering service to citizens. The same happened with thousands of companies that, overnight, were forced to lower the blind on their business to comply with movement restrictions.

In fact, many of the companies that already offered their service before the pandemic managed to survive the digitize its operation creating a web portal from where users could buy their products without having to leave home, a digitization that was done by leaps and bounds and that, in other circumstances, could have taken up to 5 years.

Currently, all public administrations, both regional and state, allow users to carry out all kinds of procedures without having to leave home, without having to make an appointment or waste time queuing, since the telematic appointment is not mandatory. as stated by the supreme court. In addition, although it is recommended, to expedite the procedures, it is not strictly necessary to have a digital certificate, since we can use the mobile phone number that we have registered with these organizations to confirm that we are the legitimate users.

if we have lost health cardJust like if we need to change our doctor, it is not necessary to stop working, studying or changing the shift at work to request a duplicate or change our doctor, since we can carry out this process electronically without leaving home . As is the case with education, health is another of the powers that are delegated to the autonomous communities, so there is no web page that citizens can access to carry out this procedure.

Instead, we have to visit the website that each autonomous community offers us to make an appointment, the same website, from where we can also request a duplicate of our health card.

The design of the websites of the health department of each autonomous community is completely different and they do not follow the same pattern, so we cannot provide you with the exact route that we must follow to be able to carry out this procedure without having to leave home and in less time. one minute. As we have commented above, if we have a digital certificate, the process will be Too much faster and simple since we will not have to deal with text messages in addition to having the possibility of entering a number incorrectly and having to start the process over from the beginning.

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