I never found the mouse cursor until I enabled this Windows feature

The graphical interface of an operating system is designed to be controlled through the mouse, although not exclusively, since we can also use the keyboard, but the time required to perform any function is unnecessarily lengthened, so it is not advisable for unless the mouse stops working and, even so, from the keyboard itself we can also move the mouse arrow. Depending on the type of wallpaper and the applications we use, it is likely that we regularly lose track of the mouse and spend a long time moving it until we find it.

Moving the mouse randomly across the screen in the hope of finding it is maddening, especially when we’re in a hurry or when we regularly need it in combination with the keyboard. Windows offers us different options to quickly find the mouse cursor. In addition, it also helps us not to lose track of him. We can also use third-party applications so that finding the mouse does not become a common problem and we stop wasting time trying to find it.

Hold down the Control key

Within the mouse configuration options, Windows allows us to activate a function that, by holding down the Control key, will show concentric circles around the mouse that will reveal its location on the screen. To activate this function, we must access the Windows configuration options (Win + i), clicking on Devices and, then, on Mouse. Next, in the section on the right, click on Additional mouse options.

In the window shown below, click on the Pointer Options tab and check the box Show pointer location when pressing CTRL key. From this moment on, when we don’t know where the mouse is, we just have to press the Control key to find it.

Find mouse in Windows

Activate mouse trail

If we do not want to be aware of pressing this key, we can add a trail to the mouse in order to quickly find the mouse pointer by just moving it a few millimeters. To add a trace to the mouse, from the same window where we can show the location of the mouse by pressing the Control key, we have to check the box show pointer trail. If we want the trail to be more or less long, we must slide the bar located just below this option until we find the design that we like the most.

Activate mouse trail


If the function of finding the mouse in Windows still does not help us or it is also difficult for us to find them, we can make use of the Microsoft PowerToys application. PowerToys is a set of applications that add new features not available in Windows as well as improve some of those already present, as in this case. PowerToys also includes a feature that allows us to quickly find the mouse, but unlike the Windows feature, this darken the whole screen to show only a circle where the mouse cursor is located. This function is located in the mouse section and is activated by double-clicking on the left Control button.

power toys mouse

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