I pay for Spotify Premium and listen to advertising: what happened to my account?

When we talk about the streaming platform Spotify, we refer to what could perhaps be considered the most popular when it comes to listening to our favorite music. We have a free version that has certain limitations, in addition to the paid Premium subscription.

Thanks to the official applications and services offered by the platform itself, we have the possibility of enjoying all this content from a multitude of devices. How could it be otherwise, we can listen to music from our desktop computer, from the laptop or mobile. Among the disadvantages offered by the Spotify Free subscription, we find advertising, or restrictions on playback control. It is precisely to avoid all these inconveniences that millions of users around the globe choose to pay premium subscription.

It should be noted that here we have an individual mode and two other shared modes between which we can choose depending on our needs or budget. However, it may be the case that, even if we have a Spotify Premium account, all of a sudden we start to hear advertising. Considering that it is a paid subscription and that we pay to avoid this, we must try to solve the situation as soon as possible.

Next, we are going to talk about some of the most common reasons why we suddenly hear ads, even though we have Spotify Premium. These are the most common and that we can solve quickly and easily.

spotify interface

Verify that the Premium subscription has not expired

If we have a Premium subscription to Spotify for a certain period of time, for example, belonging to some type of offer, if we cannot access it, we must check that it has not expired. On many occasions the platform offers us a certain time pay It can correspond to one or three months. But it could be the case that they have already been met. Hence, we suddenly go to a Free subscription and the ads skip, so we will have to renew the subscription.

Check that we are up to date with the payment

Something similar can occur in the event that for some reason it has not been possible to carry out the subscription payment. It may happen that we do not have a balance in the bank account or, something quite common, that the associated bank card has expired. In any case, Spotify has tried to charge the subscription and has not been able to, so we automatically switched to the free version of the music platform. We just have to get to stream of payments to enjoy the benefits of Premium again.

Talk to the owner of the Spotify account

It may also be the case that we are using a shared account in the mode Duo either Family. This means that the owner of this may have unsubscribed us for whatever reason, which does not allow us to access Spotify. Therefore, if we have tried everything mentioned above, the best we can do is ask the administrator what we tell you

And it is also possible that said account administrator has any of the problems described above, which affects us directly.

We are regulars to the platform’s podcasts

It may be the case that in addition to listening to music, we also access the podcast that Spotify makes available to us. Well, here we must take into consideration that, although we are premium users, we are going to listen advertising in this particular type of content. This is therefore not an error in our account, but the platform works in this way by launching ads in the podcasts whether we are Free or Premium users.

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