“I saw hell, it stank and there were lots of aborted babies”: writer recounts chilling experience with death

Kathy mcdaniel She is a British woman and assured that she saw hell during the brush she had with death, “It sucked and there were loads of aborted babies”she said after waking up from a drug-induced coma due to lung failure.

After suffering from lung failure, Kathy was put on a ventilator and doctors feared she would not succeed. For three weeks he remained in a state of lethargy where he said he woke up in a “dangerous foreign kingdom”.

In that kingdom, the woman described that tormenting demons inhabit and there were several aborted babies. She also stated that in that place she was abused by a group of men who had AIDS. After his experience in the “dangerous kingdom”, he assured that he reached the kingdom of heaven, an experience that he called “a happiness like no other.”

The woman writes her memoirs in a book

Kathy lived this experience 22 years ago and an interview for Daily Star assured that she decided to write a book about her experience which she titled “Misfit in Hell to Heaven Expat” (Misfit in hell to heaven expat).

“My memoirs trace my family history, mostly British with a bit of Irish, to my harrowing near-death experience in 2000, to the present, where I continue to share the message from heaven that no one needs to go to hell.”

Kathy now lives in Seattle, Washington and explained that upon waking up in the dangerous kingdom the atmosphere “got a little hazy and warm and something smelled bad and then I started hearing these little moans and squeaks in the background as it cleared up.”

He explained that he jumped in different scenarios, one more terrifying than another, where in one, a demon with his arms on his chest asked him to enter a room where there were many women who were performing abortions. Kathy assured that her stay in that place felt as if I would have spent two years there.

Seeing the sets, Kathy sang Christmas carols and suddenly found herself in heaven: “It was like swimming in love. Everything you can think of is a million times wonderful ”. He decided to share his experience with the world through his book which he understood that each one makes his own reality between heaven and hell.

With information from Daily Star.


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