“I thought I was immortal”: The heartbreaking story of the anti-vaccine super athlete who died from Covid-19

Loved climb walls and mountains, was one of the England’s top bodybuilders and enjoyed excellent health, so he thought that he would never get sick and that the Covid-19 vaccine it was just to treat people like guinea pigs. So it was John eyers, a fan of the fitness life that in the blink of an eye died after fighting the coronavirus.

John I was 42 years old and always showed off his excellent physical condition. Used to exercise and compete showing his defined musculature. He thought that if he caught the virus, he would only suffer a mild illness despite suffering from asthma, “he believed he was immortal“he told The Guardian his twin sister Jenny, who was the last to speak to him before he slipped into a coma on July 11.

The man suffered greatly during the pandemic, as it came just after he broke up with his previous girlfriend for Christmas. What’s more, I was upset that I couldn’t go to the gym, where he was always punctually at 06:00 every day. Another thing that also hurt him was not being able to go climbing with your friends, with whom he had photographs on social networks showing off his exploits on top of the English mountains.

According to his sister, John believed that Covid-19 was real, but he considered that the restrictions during the health emergency were exaggerated, so he avoided attending official messages about the pandemic. Jenny remembers that during a family reunion in June, her brother argued with some members when they talked about the Covid-19 vaccine and assured that he would not be a guinea pig.

John’s suffering after falling ill with Covid-19

Eyers tested positive for Covid-19 on June 29 and four days later he was seriously ill. His new girlfriend had to force him to call the emergency room to ask for help, as he saw it badly, so he was later transferred to the Southport & Ormskirk hospital in England. Had pneumoniaa, according to the official report.

According to the account of his sister, John I had a fever and couldn’t breathe, since he was also asthmatic. Despite her excellent health and physical condition, that same day she began to vomiting blood and gasping, somewhat disconcerting for a person who did bodybuilding, climbed mountains without problem and ran 10 kilometers without stopping, added Jonathan Cohen, one of his best friends, also consulted by The Guardian.

By July 6, John’s health worsened even more, so he had to be transferred to the Intensive care unit from the hospital, five days later They hooked him up to a fan and he fell into a coma. He sent her a text message telling his sister that he loved her and asked her not to let the doctors give up on him. Jenny was the last to “talk” to him.

It remained that way until July 27 when the doctors lost hope. Before he died, John told one of the doctors that he really regretted not having been vaccinated against Covid-19Although the biological does not provide immunity to viruses, it is scientifically proven that it does reduce the possibility of becoming seriously ill and being hospitalized in the event of an infection. “He made a bad decision, we all make it all the time. It’s unfair, he paid the maximum price for it,” said his sister.

The 42-year-old died that same day., after suffering a failure in the whole body. His lungs were badly damaged, full of blood clots, and despite being administered steroids to the strongest drugs in the hospital, his immune system accelerated and also caused liver and kidney damage.

Following the passing of John Eyers, his family has taken care of getting your story out to vaccine people so that they reflect and stop thinking that the disease is not true or that the biological one will cause them some harm. When John died, he orphaned his only 19-year-old daughter, as well as his twin, and their parents.


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