I was sick of closing Chrome tabs by mistake, until I discovered this trick

There are several elements that we normally use in most current internet browsers. If we focus on Google’s proposal, Chromeas happens with many other programs of this type, we manage tabs on an ongoing basis.

At this point, it goes without saying that thanks to these elements we have the possibility of opening multiple web pages in a single browser window. In fact, these tabs that we have been referring to are gradually being extended to other programs from different sectors. Moreover, due to their enormous utility, even Microsoft is working on incorporating them into different functions and applications of its operating system, Windows.

This allows us to work in a much more effective way with the different web pages, sometimes a good number of them, in applications such as Chrome, firefox either Edge. At the same time we have the opportunity to interact with the aforementioned tabs in different ways in order to control their operation as much as possible. However, something that becomes especially apparent if we have many tabs open, sometimes we accidentally close some of these elements. In the event that we are working with forms, or playing multimedia content in them, we would lose all of this.

Similarly, it may be the case that Let’s close these tabs without realizing it, let’s continue working, and later we will see that we have lost that website. This is something that happens on more occasions than we would like because they are located at the top of the Chrome interface. A deviation in the click of the mouse is enough to confuse us.

Never lose open websites in Chrome again

Therefore, and in order to avoid this type of accident and lose open web pages, we will talk about a simple trick that will surely be very interesting for you. Specifically, we refer to the obligation to double-click on these elements to close them. This prevents us from making mistakes in this closing process that we mentioned and thus we will not accidentally lose the websites that we have open. The first thing we should know is that natively the google browser does not allow us to carry out this security process when closing tabs.

But with everything and with it, we can use a third-party extension that will be of enormous help for this type of specific task. A clear example of all this can be found in the proposal called Double Click Closes Tab. For us to understand each other, it is important to know that just by installing this extension in the Google browser we can avoid accidents when closing tabs. All this thanks to the configuration and customization functions that it offers us and that will force us to close these elements with a double click of the mouse.

Double Click Closes Tab
Double Click Closes Tab

Moreover, for greater security in this process we have the possibility of configuring the extension so that we have to make that double click but with the right button, or even by means of three presses.

chrome tabs

This way we can avoid the accidental closing of these important elements that are the ones that really contain the web pages that we have opened in the Chrome session.

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