Ibai is not going to make you subscribe to Movistar. The Rubius didn’t either

Since voxpopuli They assured yesterday that Movistar is negotiating with Ibai Llanos the possibility of preparing a thematic channel or a dedicated program for the famous streamer. It would be a strategy with which they would try to put a stop to one of their main problems: the customer flight of the television mode. Will the strategy work? Will Ibai sign the agreement? Leaving these questions aside, perhaps the reflection would be, who is going to sign up for Movistar to see Ibai?

Movistar x Ibai

ibai karts twitch

Although there are no details of what is taking place and everything seems to be for now a simple proposal launched to test, the idea would be to take advantage of the incredible influence of the streamer to retain and attract new users to the platform. As of today, the offer proposed by Movistar has seen the number of subscribers fall, and neither its own productions nor the exclusivity of LaLiga are getting the mass of users to increase.

In a year they have lost more than 5% of customers, and the thing does not seem to go back. Although they adjusted the prices and allowed access to the football package without the absurd requirements to also contract other packages, the volume of clients continued to drop, and the decline does not seem to have stopped.

The proposal could be about a collaboration in an existing program or the creation of a new one, however, this is not something that has been confirmed.

A strategy that sounds familiar

We just have to go back to 2018 to remember the animated series Virtual Hero. This series produced by Movistar was created in collaboration with Rubén Doblas “the Rubius”, and the intention was none other than to take advantage of the YouTuber’s media pull to create a series that would attract many of the fans who followed him around the world.

The result was quite disastrous, since the first 5 chapters only gathered an average of 3,000 viewerswhich made her the second worst series of Movistar. Did it work to bring the best-known youtuber in the world? After a first season of 12 episodes, the series ended with six more episodes as a second season in 2020, so the summary is pretty clear.

I was paying

Ibai commentator laliga

Pay to see Ibai It’s not something that enters the heads of many teenagers. And that’s when they unscrupulously donate their Amazon Prime subscription, pay for emoticons and swallow hundreds of ads a week while devouring their Twitch channel. But all this gives life to a format that is the one that is consumed today, and having to go to a pay TV, where to get a specific channel you have to hire other packs and where payments are made monthly, It is far from the immediate consumerism that digital platforms allow today.

Not to mention that Ibai will continue to have his Twitch channel. The Movistar program would simply be one more addition to his client portfolio, and he will continue to maintain his empire on Twitch, so, in this situation, where do you think his audience will go to see it? To Twitch or Movistar? With the Rubius we already know what happened.

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