Ibai sets up its own Formula 1 circus

Ibai Llanos has not stopped since the beginning of the year. He presented the bells with Ramón García, he took the Esland for ‘streamer of the year’. He tried to survive in a very elaborate Squid Games in Minecraft and we even saw him a few days ago in the kitchen, where we discovered that he is not an expert in the kitchen, but he has a much higher level than some of his colleagues. In order not to slow down, the streamer has announced that in a few days we will have ‘The Twitch Grand Prix’. And as usual, Ibai will have the help of two experts in the field: Pedro Martinez de la Rosa and the matchless Antonio Lobato.

THE Ibai Llanos PLAN

Just one day after the end of the first round of free practice in the Formula 1 preseason —and let’s clear up a little the doubt about whether THE PLAN of Fernando Alonso and Alpine is going from strength to strength or not—, the noble giant has decided to organize a go kart racing with streamers Famous.

To make the announcement, Ibai has used a setup unusual, so has traveled to Andorra to attack the direct of Auronplay himself.

A serious career (not as Disaster Chef)

Yes, it was curious to see Disaster Chef the other day. But it cannot be said that it was a serious competition. Along with BarbeQ, Don Ibai has commented a bit on how this go kart racingand the truth is that it seems that they have worked hard to bring us this content.

No video games. The ‘Twitch Grand Prix’ it will smell of gasoline and oil. It will be held in a real circuit of Barcelona, although it has not been specified. Participants will go couples, which will form teams similar to the F1 teams. The list of drivers is not known at the moment, but they have commented that the teams will be created by chance. Apparently, we will be able to see the draw live.

And not only that. Each team will have its own team leaderthat is, a person who will have to decide the strategy, motivate the pilots and even relax them using the radio communication.

The Twitch Grand Prix. A commitment to motor sports

ibai go karts twitch

We will have Twitch broadcast of the training, Pole Position Y several sprints with different scores. The event will take place between Saturday February 26 and Sunday 27.

An event like this, coinciding with a time when we have two Spanish drivers —and one Mexican— in the premier category of motorsports is a unique opportunity for youngsters to discover their passion for motoring and feel the nerves, the tension and the adrenaline of the races. We don’t know how the event will pan out, but just on paper, it’s already looking pretty good. Let’s hope it’s a success.

Are Ibai and Barbe involved?

No, they will only organize. Ibai has decided to stay out of it, so we assume that will be in the commentary booth beside Lobato and De la Rosa. What has surprised us is that beard neither is going to get on the kart. He will stay around the paddock doing interviews.

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