Ibermatica focuses on digital acceleration to “embrace the future” of its customers

Ibermatica continues the growth line registered in recent years and reaches its best historical results in the January-August period. After the end of 2020, the year in which the pandemic hit the economy hardest, with its greatest rise in income, profit, ebitda, hiring and job creation, it now exceeds its figures in this period driven by positive evolution in all its areas of activity. The digital acceleration projects, especially in large accounts, its commitment to the Center of Expertise, its strategy for attracting and retaining talent, and its international consolidation, are some of the keys that have led it to achieve this.

The new motto of Ibermatica ‘Ibermatica, embracing the future’ cannot make more sense today. Helping his clients to “embrace their future”, to design together with them how they want it to be, and to work in the space between what they are and what they want to be, managing to overcome their challenges, has led him to establish himself with one of the technology companies in the country, and one of the most prestigious they have been obtaining in recent years.

Ibermatica has achieved a business volume of 176.5 million euros between January and August, 13.3 million more than in the same period of 2020, which represents a growth of 8.1%. In profit before taxes the jump has been spectacular, with an increase of 89.2%, practically double, going from 3.3 million euros last year to 6.1 million this year. The contracting volume exceeds the volume registered in the first eight months of 2020 by 172 million, and the contracting margin has increased by 32 million, representing an increase of 137%.

There are several keys that explain these figures. On the one hand, the high rate of contract renewal, which is close to 100%, has not gone unnoticed in the market. The renewal of trust in Ibermatica by its clients, many of them large companies, makes other companies dare to hire its services as well.

Among the best companies to work for

Likewise, Ibermatica has achieved its best position this year in the prestigious ranking prepared by the magazine Actualidad Económica on the best companies to work for in Spain, advancing 22 places compared to 2020. This advance, which has also led it to advance positions among the ten best IT companies that provide service in our country, has been supported by its conciliation policy, as well as by promoting the training and development of its professionals.

Ibermatica considers that having happy, involved and motivated professionals is essential to make its business prosper, since its main asset is the people themselves. Something that also allows them to retain the best talent, so that customer service is maintained at the highest level, both due to their knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and their ability to empathize with the customer and their needs, something that is a brand from the house of the tech company.

Thus, many of the projects won in these eight months include disruptive technologies in areas such as cybersecurity, automation, artificial intelligence, hybrid IT, analytics, blockchain or IoT, among many others, that Ibermática has already successfully implemented in its clients in the last years.

At the same time, Ibermática has once again managed to obtain the best results from the Employee Experience survey that it carries out through an external entity, highlighting its sentiment towards the company, even after having suffered the onslaught of the health pandemic at this time. In addition, the degree to which its professionals would recommend this company to work has grown greatly, while reducing the detractors.

International strength

Another of the pillars that allows Ibermática to position itself as a benchmark technological ally for companies is its international strength. In addition to having operational centers in several Latin American countries, the United States, Portugal and Andorra, it accompanies its clients wherever they operate. Many are the multinationals that have decided to replicate in their plants abroad projects that they have previously carried out with Ibermatica at their headquarters in Spain and which have turned out to be a success.

Likewise, it should not be forgotten that, despite the pull of digital transformation projects, Ibermatica continues to offer more traditional services that also seek to increase the efficiency of its clients’ processes. In this sense, the most extensive study on outsourcing in Spain today, prepared by Whitelane Research and Quint, has always placed Ibermática in the first position in its indicators with the highest score, awarded by the companies themselves, year after year. It also has a high number of certified professionals in Lean IT, a methodology that seeks to eliminate everything superfluous from the processes to achieve maximum efficiency.

Acquisition of companies

All these elements have allowed Ibermatica to have a financial solidity with which it can also face inorganic growth, through the purchase of companies in strategic sectors. Thus, after the acquisition in 2018 of IDS and last year of the cybersecurity firm ITS Security, in 2021 it has closed that of an expert consultancy in Data Analytics: The Art of Measurement.

It is a company with about 60 professionals and more than 60 projects behind it, reaching a turnover of about 3 million euros last year, and with the forecast of reaching 6 million in 2024. With this operation, Ibermatica reinforces its value proposition to the market in Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, mainly incorporating capabilities in data visualization.

In parallel to this operation, Ibermatica has created a Center of Expertise (CoE) DAA (Data, Analytics & AI) within Ibermatica / digital that will start with 150 experts in Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, incorporating the capabilities of EAM. By 2023, this CoE is expected to be made up of around 250 professionals.

Ibermatica’s Strategic Plan proposes an operating model based on sectors, CoE and Ibermatica / digital, in addition to the base offer (DOD, DOI). The new CoE thus joins the 4 that already existed in the company (SAP, Microsoft, Cybersecurity and Hybrid IT), which is providing such good results. Ibermatica / digital, in this sense, has also served as a driving force for its evolution.

Ibermatica plans to continue with the acquisitions policy, considering it essential for the company to continue growing and developing in the future. The last three purchases have helped it gain weight in areas such as industrial plant automation, cybersecurity, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, and it will continue to bet on firms that add value in areas of activity with a forecast of growth in the market.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the vision of digital acceleration that permeates all its projects. It is about promoting the digital transformation of its customers, but also doing it as quickly as possible and with returns for the business, something that is increasingly demanded by companies as a result of the health pandemic. Hyper-automation, distributed operations or digital marketplaces are some of the technologies that help organizations accelerate the adoption of new digital business models.

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