IBM achieves a 433-qubit quantum processor with Osprey

IBM has opened your event Quantum Summit 2022 with the presentation of his new quantum processor. Is about IBM Osprey, the company’s processor with the most qubits so far: 433triple that of its predecessor, the IBM Eagle, introduced in 2021.

Darío Gil, Vice President of IBM, and its Director of Researchhas highlighted about this new quantum chip that «the new 433-qubit ‘Osprey’ processor brings us one step closer to the point where quantum computers will be used to tackle previously unsolvable problems. We are continually expanding and advancing our quantum technology across hardware, software, and classical integration to address the biggest challenges of our time, in collaboration with our partners and customers around the world. This work will be critical to the next era of quantum supercomputing.«.

Although it is one of the most important novelties of Quantum Summit 2022, the Osprey processor is not the only novelty that IBM has brought to the event. The company has also announced an update to Qiskit Runtime, although it is still in the testing phase. It addresses noise in quantum computers, the main limitation for the adoption of quantum computing on a larger scale.

With this update, users can trade speed for quality with just one API option. With this, separating the complications of these functions at the software layer level, it will be easier for users to incorporate quantum computing into their workflows, as well as the development of quantum applications.

Additionally, IBM has announced Quantum System Two, a quantum system developed to be flexible and modular. It combines multiple interconnected processors into a single system, will arrive in late 2023, and will serve as the foundation for quantum-centric supercomputing. This is considered to be the next step in quantum computing that employs modular architecture, uses quantum communication to improve its computing power, and hybrid cloud middleware to integrate quantum and classical workflows.

The company has also brought its new IBM Quantum Safe technology to the event, designed to enable technology providers to protect their systems against a quantum computer that can crack today’s security standards as they become more powerful. In addition, in this sense, IBM offers the z16 system, safe from the quantum point of view. The company has also developed various algorithms in this regard, which will be standardized in 2024.

Apart from these novelties, IBM has announced a collaboration with Vodafone to explore how apply IBM quantum security cryptography to the carrier’s technology infrastructure. Apart from this, Bosch has joined the IBM Quantum Network to explore various use cases for quantum computing. It has not been the only addition to the network, since Vodafone, the French bank Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédètate and the Swiss innovation campus uptownBasel have also joined it.

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