IBM and Colt create a laboratory in Europe to help industrial companies take advantage of the advantages of the edge cloud

Digital transformation is no longer just an option to be considered by companies. Rather, it has become an expensive necessity to respond to their needs in these times and improve your competitiveness with respect to the competition. There is no sector that can afford to turn its back on this technological transformation, not even the industrial sector.

To facilitate this transition process in a gradual and positive way, the technology companies IBM and Colt Technology Services have joined forces with the aim of inaugurating a laboratory in Europe that helps companies in this sector to enjoy the countless advantages offered by edge cloud services.

These are many and very numerous, since they bring tools and applications for data analysis closer to the real data source. Thanks to the edge cloud, organizations can reduce the distance and time required for data to travel. Also less network congestion, periods of inactivity or delay and a much more competitive, fast and quality response.

An edge cloud service offers companies low latency, with a more distributed network; keeping the heaviest traffic and processing closer to the application and end-user devices. Thus helping automated decision making in real time and improving the user experience. Amen to one cost reduction, required bandwidth and data storage requirements.

Synergies between IBM and Colt products and services

This new lab will be located in the UK and will leverage both Colt’s cloud SD-WAN services and the Colt Edge intelligent computing platform. Also the advantages of hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence from IBM and other services such as IBM Cloud Satellite and the IBM Maximo application suite.

This lab will enable use cases such as inference based on visual inspection and supply chain telemetry at the edge. It will help companies to take advantage of the advantages of using remote management and faster 5G speed.

“The partnership between Colt and IBM allows us to provide the best combination of connectivity, edge, security and asset performance management, enabling our industrial clients to capture the value of data processing at the edge,” said José Favilla, director and Industry 4.0 leader at IBM.

For his part, from Colt, Vice President of Innovation Mirko Voltolini has declared: “We are bringing together the best of connectivity, edge and smart manufacturing solutions to demonstrate how we can support the migration to IBM Maximo Application Suite and enhance the digital transformation of our clients (…) industry 4.0 has enormous potential for the industrial sector (…) making the laboratory an important element for Colt and IBM, since it will help companies to improve the visibility, analysis, performance and maintenance of their industrial systems and operations.

In short, that companies in the sector adopt and develop new innovative functions that can help them to transform them in the increasingly demanding industrial sector. Y where, once again, technology is the key.

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