IBM expands its range of Power10 servers

IBM has decided expand your range of Power10 servers with new mid-range models and horizontal scalability. All are available with new pay-as-you-go offerings and support security features like transparent memory encryption and advanced processor isolation. They also take advantage of the Linux Foundation’s OpenBMC project to achieve high levels of security.

The new systems are built on the next-generation IBM Power10 processor, which has twice the cores and memory bandwidth of previous processor generations. So the new Power10 Midrange E1050, offers 4-socket compute performance capabilities, Java, and ERP. The new scale-out servers include the Power S1014, which represents the entry level, as well as the Power S1022 and S1024. All allow capacity upgrade on demand (CuOD, Capacity Upgrade on-Demand).

As we have mentioned, the new servers are available with pay-per-use and metering-per-minute options for IBM Power Private Cloud. These new consumption models build on options with IBM Power Virtual Server to give more flexibility in using the hybrid cloud. On the other hand, the new mid-range E1050 offers scalability up to 16TB and a 4-socket system. In addition, a premium provider option expansion is available to offer more flexibility and compute power with an additional option to run workloads on IBM Power on Red Hat Enterprise Linux on IBM Cloud.

This expansion of the IBM Power10 family is designed to offer the greatest possible flexibility for data-intensive workloads, from on-premises to those running in the hybrid cloud. The new systems with IBM Power Virtual Server enable, by design, a secure hybrid cloud experience with high performance and architectural consistency across the IT infrastructure. The systems are designed to protect sensitive data from the core to the cloud, and allow virtual machines and containerized workloads to run concurrently on the same systems.

Steve Sibley, Vice President of IBM Power Product Managementstands out from this expansion of servers that «Today’s highly dynamic environment has created volatility, from materials to people to skills, affecting short-term operations and long-term sustainability of the business. The right IT investments are critical to business and operational resiliency. Our new Power10 models offer customers a variety of flexible hybrid cloud options with the agility and automation to best fit their needs, without sacrificing performance, security or resilience«.

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