IBM Releases Open Source Cloud Guide for Developers

According to an O’Reilly survey commissioned by IBM in 2020, developers who want to develop applications for the cloud they should work in the enhance your open source skills and less on adopting skills for development in a proprietary cloud. This is because each major cloud platform uses open source software in its infrastructure.

Therefore, the development of skills related to open technologies means that developers have more opportunities when it comes to finding employment, since they will be more attractive in the eyes of their potential employers. Besides, of course, having more opportunities to compete in hybrid environments. To help them, IBM has announced the release of an open source cloud guide (Open Source Cloud Guide), which offers an agnostic view of open source cloud tools that developers looking to develop to promote interoperability and choice can use.

This guide provides developers with a comprehensive learning guideline as well as key use cases for hybrid cloud environments. It also offers a neutral view of how the various cloud providers use open source in their offerings. Of course, it is not a closed guide, since developers who wish to can contribute to it, which they can do through GutHub, in addition to discovering and exploring everything it offers.

Todd Moore, Vice President of Open Technology and Chris Ferris, IBM Open Technology CTO, point out in the blog for IBM developers that. according to the survey we have mentioned «stressed that the most desired open source skills are related to Linux (containers), Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, as well as data storage«.

They both point out that this made them wonder “How exactly do these skills translate to development for hybrid cloud environments, which include major cloud providers? What open source technologies are the most widely used?«. Thus, they point out that the purpose of the guide presented by IBM is to answer these questions.

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