IBM z16, a mainframe with an Artificial Intelligence accelerator

IBM has introduced its first mainframe with an Artificial Intelligence accelerator built into the chip. Its about IBM z16, which thanks to this accelerator has latency-optimized inference and allows customers who use it to analyze real-time transactions at scale for mission-critical workloads. Among them, for the control and performance of those related to credit cards and medical care. But also for. financial transactions. The IBM z16 is also designed to help protect against future threats that break current encryption technologies.

The presentation has been carried out by Ross Mauri, CEO of IBM Systems; Elpida Tzortzatos, CTO of IBM Systems and AI; and Anne Dames, IBM Distinguished Engineer. Mauri, has offered an overview of what’s new in the IBM Z16 mainframe, as well as IBM’s roadmap for the future in relation to its mainframes.

Tzortzatos then focused on how the innovations of IBM Telum, in combination with the IBM z16, allow the use of Artificial Intelligence for tasks ranging from managing fraudulent credit card transactions to optimally controlling ground conditions in precision agriculture. Finally, Dames has further developed encryption technology and industry-first quantum security capabilities to protect customer data from oncoming threats.

The company sees the current IBM mainframe as essential for hybrid cloud environments, and according to Ric Lewis, Vice President of IBM Systemsthe company “is a benchmark when it comes to processing transactions worldwide with the leading global security standards. Now, with the innovations built into the IBM z16, our clients can accelerate decision-making with inference right where their mission-critical data resides. This opens up tremendous opportunities to be game changers in their respective industries, with better customer experiences and more powerful business results.«.

The IBM Z16, which as we have mentioned incorporates IBM’s Telum processor, combines AI inference with high-volume transaction processing with a high level of security and reliability. Thus, this mainframe is capable of processing 300,000 million inference operations per day, and doing so with only one millisecond of latency.

Thanks to this, fraud can be identified at the time of a transaction, which means that consumers do not have to use email or text message confirmation systems. Nor will they see their card blocked in the event of fraud, nor will they have to waste time trying to recover the money they have lost. This mainframe can also be useful in financial transactions and operations of different types with more agility. Among them, the approval of commercial or consumer loans.

IBM’s z16 mainframe is designed to be the first quantum security system for clients. For this reason, it is backed by lattice-based cryptography, which allows building previous layers of security that help protect data and systems from threats. Not only the current ones, but also the future ones. In addition, it is equipped with a secure boot system, which means that it is not possible to inject malware into the process to take control of the system from the start. It also carries the Crypto Express 8S (CEX8S) hardware security module, providing IBM clients with secure cryptographic technology, both classical and quantum, to address a variety of use cases that require confidentiality, integrity, and non-repudiation of information. information.

Apart from IBM z16 itself, the presentation also reviewed the open source solutions applied to the IBM zSystems platform on which IBM has been working for several years to implement a common developer experience throughout the hybrid cloud. . Among these solutions is Cloud Modernization Stack from IBM, designed to help increase the agility of clients, and make them accelerate their digital transformation, with support for open source projects.

As well Cloud Modernization Center from IBM, providing a gateway to a variety of tools, training systems, resources, ecosystem partners, and specific IBM Consulting expertise for IBM zSystems clients to accelerate the modernization of their applications, data, and processes on an IBM zSystems architecture. open hybrid cloud As to Tailored Fit Pricingis a system developed with a full stack approach that enables rapid response to changes in dynamic workloads and business needs, all at cloud-like pricing.

Finally, with IBM Enhanced Technology Support Services, customers of IBM z16, which will be available on May 31, will have turnkey support to predict and prevent unplanned outages. Also technical services in charge of accelerating the way in which companies take advantage of the opportunities of hybrid technological environments.

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