iCloud for Windows is updated with something new for your security

Apple has released an update for iCloud in its Windows version that includes some new features that affect user security. Since the update you will have a manager to manage passwords and some other little thing that we tell you below.

Apple is updating the iCloud app for Windows users. At last, since it was quite demanded by Microsoft users, it brings a new password management application. This new password manager app allows users to access and manage your iCloud passwords on their computers with Windows operating systems.

From that moment on you can add, edit, copy, paste, delete or search for any username or password that are saved in the iCloud Keychain. Finally, those who use Windows but do not give up having other Apple devices, will be able to enter Web sites without having to remember so many passwords and in the same simple way as if we had a Mac.

When we refer to manage, it means that they can not only be seen but also sync passwords between devices and our computer with its own Windows browser, that is, in Edge. Of course, we must use the iCloud password extension with the application.

There are more news that affect:

  • Photos iCloud
  • iCloud Drive
  • Passwords iCloud
  • Mail
  • contacts
  • calendars
  • markers iCloud

Apple has defined this new update as follows:

New iCloud App for Windows Introduces New iCloud Drive Experience for Windows 10 Users with Same Windows Technology That Also Powers Files Feature OneDrive on demand, allowing users to be more productive offline on mobile devices and quickly share files on iOS.

In order to install this new version it is necessary to have installed Windows 10 version 18362.145 or higher.

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