ID. 4: Volkswagen is recalling its electric SUVs due to a fire risk

Volkswagen has just recalled a limited number of ID.4, its new electric crossover. The reason ? A fault on the 12V battery charging cable which can lead to a fire. Explanations.

Credits: VW

While BMW has just recalled 14,000 cars due to a battery software bug, it’s Volkswagen’s turn to go through the recall box. Indeed, the German brand has just announced the recall of a limited number of IDs. 4, its latest electric SUV.

The reason ? The manufacturer needs to solve an electrical problem that is not related to the engine, but to the 12V battery. Specifically, on rear-drive ID.4 models, Volkswagen claims that the battery charging cable may rub on the steering column. In the long term and due to repeated friction, this can lead to a short circuit and cause a firewhich is never good.

Volkswagen recalls more than 1,000 ID.4s due to battery problem

Fortunately, this recall concerns a limited number of vehicles, namely 1,042 copies of ID.4 manufactured between 2022 and 2023. In addition, models with all-wheel drive are not affected. Here’s what the German company’s recall report says:

On affected vehicles (rear-wheel drive only), the 12V battery charging cable may come into contact with the steering column shaft, causing wear of the cable insulation. If this happens, a short circuit may result. A short circuit can cause a loss of motive power while driving, increasing the risk of an accident. In this case, a short circuit also increases the risk of a vehicle fire”.

Incidentally, Volkswagen specifies that this problem also represents risk of damage to the steering system. According to the brand, this is obviously a negligence in the production phase, the cable having a curvature allowing it to come into contact with the shaft of the column. Fortunately, only hundreds of pieces have been made in this way, which explains the low number of vehicles affected by this recall.

Owners of affected cars will be gradually informed of the recall campaign by the end of February. Note that this is not the first time that VW has issued a recall for this kind of problem. In April 2022, Volkswagen recalled more than 110,000 hybrid vehicles for a potential fault on a battery fuse… Again, there was a risk of fire.

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