If a game doesn’t work, what should you change first, RAM or graphics?

Normally we look mainly at the graphics card and the processor, but not at the RAM. The reality is that the processor takes the longest to become “outdated”, since with a 2-core, 4-thread processor, you should be able to play at 1080p without any problems.

You may be running out of RAM

Typically, when we look at the minimum requirements and recommend, we look at the graphics card and processor. Where we do not pay attention is in the RAM memory, since we consider it unimportant. The truth is that it is a big mistake, because the games begin to require a fairly high minimum RAM memory and in recommended it can be doubled.

Currently, whether for browsing, office automation or games, the minimum what a computer should have 8 GB of RAM. Note that in this component the processor stores information that it may need later for a specific task. We can see this with Google Chrome, which usually occupies 80-90% of a system with 8 GB of RAM.

Games also require storing data for later and in many cases, at least 8 GB of RAM is already required. But that is the minimumit’s starting to be normal to see 16 GB of RAM in the recommended ones. So anyone who has less than 16 GB, no matter how good a graphics card they have, could face that the game does not move as expected. It could be that we need to lower the resolution or graphics quality to be able to move the game smoothly.

If you have 8 GB of DDR4 RAM, you may only have 1 module, so you can purchase another equal module. You may not know the specs or remember them, but there is a solution. tools like Speccy or AIDA64 They will tell us the manufacturer, frequencies and number of RAM memory modules that we have in our equipment.

Maybe the graphics card is outdated

It is possible that our graphics card is powerful and could really move the game. The limitation, in many cases, has to do with the amount of VRAM memory on the graphics card. Many developers are beginning to suggest 8GB VRAM on graphics cards for smooth gameplay.

you can have one NVIDA GTX 1060for example, which had 6GB of VRAM. It really is an excellent graphics card that should have no problem, by power, to move any game. Moreover, we can say that the graphics will move the game, but we will have to perform quality adjustments to get a good frame rate.

asus rog strix gtx 1060

What we must keep in mind is that the minimum requirementswhich are always much lower than recommended, They involve sacrifices. We talk about cuts in graphic quality normally, while the recommended ones tend to focus on playing in 1080p in high graphic quality. So we still need to change the graphics card if we want to continue enjoying the games.

A good way to know if we can move the game with our PC is through the website Can you run it? This website will tell us if our computer, and especially the graphics card, meets the minimum and recommended standards indicated by the game’s developer.

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