If Google Drive won’t sync files for you, do this to fix it

Steps to avoid problems when connecting Drive

It may happen that there is a specific problem with the connection, that our account does not work due to a conflict or that there is an error in the browser. Therefore, you can carry out the steps that we are going to explain to be able to solve errors with google drive when it doesn’t connect well.

check the connection

The first thing is to check what you really have Internet connection and that it works fine. It may happen that you are connected by Wi-Fi and the coverage does not arrive well and that causes failures when logging in to platforms such as Google Drive. If the signal is weak, you could have problems.

Therefore, check that the connection is good and see if in any way you can improve it. For example, connect by cable instead of Wi-Fi, use a wireless repeater, etc. The goal is to receive the best possible connection and not have any problems signing in to your Google Drive account.

Improve ping over Wi-Fi

Disconnect your accounts

You can also try disconnect the user from Google Drive. If you see that it doesn’t connect, that you can’t access the files you have saved, there may be a specific error with the user account you have started. You can try logging out and then logging back in to see if that fixes it.

Basically what this does is restart the process. If the account is caught, you could not enter correctly. If you give it to close session and go back in, everything starts again and sometimes conflicts that may exist are solved.

Use an incognito window

Another step you can take is to start the browser in incognito mode. There may be a problem with cookies or browsing data and that prevents it from working normally. You can also hit clear all browsing data and see if it works, but the quickest thing to do would be to start an incognito window.

You can do this in the main browsers, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. You just have to open that incognito window, start Google Drive again and see if it connects normally.

Try another browser

If you see that all of the above has not had a positive effect, the ideal is that you try another browser. There are many options available. Of course, make sure that it is reliable and that it works well. It may be the cause of Drive not connecting, but it could also be compromising security.

Browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge or Safari are some of the most used. It is always good to have at least a couple installed in case problems of this type arise and thus be able to test.

In short, if you see that Google Drive does not connect, you can follow these steps that we have shown. The objective is to ensure that it has a normal connection and thus be able to download files, upload content to the cloud, etc. You can even use Google Drive as an FTP server.

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