If I learn to program in Java, will I have a secure job?

Programming positions are increasingly in demand by companies. If you know how to program, and you’re good at your job, almost certainly you won’t be short of work. However, the offer of programmers is increasing, so if we want to stand out in the job market, it is necessary to dedicate all our efforts to learning to program in a language that opens a greater number of doors for us. Can this language be Java? Let’s see it.

Today we have dozens of programming languages. Although, to be honest, more than 80% of the code that is written is done using the 11 most popular, widespread and powerful languages. Therefore, the first requirement to be able to get a job after learning programming is to learn one of these most popular languages. It will be useless, for example, to spend hours studying COBOL when the only professional opportunities we will find are to maintain archaic systems destined to disappear sooner or later. Of course, as an offtopic, a good position as a COBOL programmer will make us earn a large amount of money since the offer of programmers with knowledge is practically nil.

As a countermeasure, the most widespread and currently used programming language is none other than javascript. The same one that has been leading the rankings of the most used languages ​​for the tenth consecutive year. Knowing how to program in this language will open many doors for us, but also, as there is a wide range of programmers with knowledge, and even experience, the chances of finding a job are low.

However, if we choose to study Java, we will find a good balance.

Java: an opportunity to get into programming

Java It is a programming language that has many virtues. It is a multiplatform language, full of possibilities and with a large number of functions designed to improve performance and manage resources. Thanks to its virtual machine, we forget about all kinds of dependencies and problems related to the operating system. Of course, it is a language more complicated than JavaScript, for example, or Python, so to learn it, we’re going to have to seriously study.

Although it is a well-known language, most programmers are betting on other languages, such as the ones we have already mentioned above, as they are more widespread and used professionally. So, right now there is a good opportunity to find work as a Java programmer. Of course, it is recommended, in addition to knowing the language well, having some experience (even if they are own projects on GitHub) that proves our knowledge.

Also, if we don’t finish finding the job that we would like, thanks to Java we will be able to work on our own creating apps for Android. Let’s remember that the app market is one of the most lucrative, and if we create the right application at the right time, we can earn a huge amount of money.

Therefore, if we have time and courage, yes, learning Java will open many doors for us to find a job. Although, as always, it will not be insured.

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