If languages ​​​​on the Internet resist you, Chrome helps you

Over the years, this particular software sector has grown significantly. Especially if we take into account the enormous penetration that the internet has in our lives at the moment. Whether from a desktop computer or from a mobile device, we use these applications to move around the immense virtual world that the Internet offers us and take advantage of all its contents. In addition, as you already know, here we find a good number of proposals from which to choose the one that interests us or likes us the most.

The program offered by the search giant Google with Chrome is a clear example. In fact, today most users opt for this alternative to use on their computers. The aforementioned firm, knowing the enormous market penetration of its software project, does not stop improving it. This is something that it does both functionally, as well as in terms of security and appearance. In fact, it is more than likely that the program has some.

One of the reasons for this is that the company sends new features to your browser on a regular basis, and we cannot know all of them. We tell you all this because precisely in these lines we are going to show you a functionality that allows you translate websites automatically.

Automatically translate web pages in Chrome

It could be said that the most widespread and used language on the Internet is English, but at the same time we find web pages in many other languages. If we are regular and assiduous users of news and information pages of all kinds, sometimes we come across portals that we do not understand. But it is important to know that the developers of the most used browser try to make things easier for us in this regard. In fact, it presents us with an interesting integrated functionality for all this, as we are going to show you. What’s more, we can even add new languages ​​with which display translations in the browser itself.

Perhaps the most common is to use both English and Spanish on a regular basis, both configured in this Google program. But let’s see how to take advantage of this useful function for translate websites automatically in Chrome. The first thing we do is put it into operation, since it may be the case that you are activated by default. Therefore, we open the program and go to its configuration window through the menu that is located in the upper right corner. Among the sections that we find in this case, we click on Languages.

For Google Chrome to propose the automatic translation Of those websites that we do not understand, the first thing we do is activate the corresponding function. This is found in that window, Ask if you want to translate web pages. In turn, at the top of it, we find the possibility of add new languages compatible. This will allow us to choose the languages ​​into which we want to translate those websites that we do not understand at first, since we are not always going to be interested in translating into Spanish. We even have the possibility prioritize certain languages above the rest.

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