If the battery of your MacBook does not give more, what can you do?

Possibilities that you have before this problem

First of all, make sure that your MacBook really has a bad battery. If you have noticed that the decrease in autonomy has been gradual and the equipment is also a few years old, there is no doubt, although to be absolutely sure you should check the charge cycles it has to know if this indicator indicates precisely that you need a replacement of this component.

If you didn’t see anything strange at this point, there are two possibilities that exist. The first one is that it is a factory defect, which usually appears in the first months or years of use of the device, being able to go to Apple through the warranty service to make a replacement that should be free. On the other hand it is also possible that it is a software problem And let it be macOS that is weighing on the duration. In the latter case, you should look for a more recent update or wait for it if it has not yet been released.

And if you have to change it … you also have to pay

This possibility is the most likely. Changing the battery, except in cases of manufacturing defect as we mentioned, has a cost that It depends on the center you go to. At this point you have several possibilities:

  • Go to an Apple Store: It is the most recommended option because you will be assisted by qualified personnel and the parts will be totally original and with a guarantee in case it does not work as expected.
  • SAT: authorized technical services are, for all practical purposes, the same as going to Apple. They also have original parts and also offer their own guarantees for the repair, without this affecting the guarantee of the product itself and you can continue to go to Apple whenever you want.

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  • Change it in unauthorized centers: A very interesting possibility in terms of savings, since they are usually cheaper, but nevertheless they do not usually offer original parts and the guarantees are not always the same. It is recommended that you check the conditions before anything else.
  • Change it on your own: If you have some knack and find a good replacement battery, you can change it yourself. Now, you will hardly find original parts and if you are not skilled it could be very complex and you could even make your computer unusable.

About what you will have to pay, everything varies a lot depending on the model of the device and the moment, since there are usually price changes. Although the price of changing the MacBook battery at Apple is usually always the same, finding prices that range between 139 and 209 euros.

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