If the RTX 4070 seems expensive to you, watch out for the RTX 4060 Ti that is coming

Even though the new NVIDIA RTX 4070 has just seen the light, the first references to the next release of the giant in green are beginning to appear in online databases; It’s about the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Tithe “little sister” that will be the next to come to the fore and on which there are many expectations for users looking for a good graphics card for games at content price. Here we tell you everything that is known to date.

The RTX 4070 can already be found in stores at prices ranging between 650 and 800 Euros, the lowest of this generation of graphics cards but which, without a doubt, still represent too large a part of the budget for many users. Fortunately, NVIDIA is gradually releasing cheaper models, and next on the list will be the RTX 4060 Ti, of which, as we mentioned before, custom models are starting to appear in benchmark databases and online stores. . Let’s see what he can offer us.

The RTX 4060 Ti will be a vitaminized RTX 3070 Ti

One of the first models about which information has been leaked has been Colorful’s iGame RTX 4060 Ti Ultra W OC, an obviously custom model and factory overclocked but that can tell us a lot about what we can expect from this range model. half; to begin with, and although it will have a different cooling system and PCB from the reference model, we can see that it will work at 2,580MHzwhich is 45 MHz more than the NVIDIA model.

As for the rest of the specifications, the only thing that has also been leaked is that it will have 8GB of VRAMmost likely GDDR6, while the rest are just rumors.

There is talk that it will have a chip AD106-350-A1, a stripped down version of the AD106 with 34 SMs and 4352 CUDA cores. Its 8 GB of GDDR6 memory would work at an effective 18 Gbps over a 128-bit bus delivering 288 GB/s of bandwidth, and it would have 32 MB of L2 cache (which is an 8-fold increase over what the 3060 Ti had). ). All these data suggest that the RTX 4060 Ti would offer some 22 TFLOPS of computing power on its base model, approaching 24 TFLOPS on factory overclocked models.

Essentially, all this data makes us think about the logic that we have already seen for several generations, and that is that the RTX 4060 Ti would have slightly higher gaming performance than the current RTX 3070 Ti.

Ok but how much will it cost?

Many users have complained about the fact that the RTX 4070, which are no longer high-end graphics considering the number of models above it, have been released at too high prices and that they are out of the reach of the consumer. vast majority of users, and they are right (after all, not everyone can spend €800 just on a graphics card).

Logically, since it is a lower graph, its price will also be lower, but again we are entering the realm of rumors and speculation. If we take into account that at the time the RTX 3070 Ti was launched at a price of $599 (which was later around €800 when they arrived in Spain), the RTX 4060 would be positioned at a price of around $399, which later will be more like €500 including taxes and others. Sure, the price is still expensive but it’s much more attractive, isn’t it?

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