If the strap of your Apple Watch breaks, is it covered by the warranty?

If the strap wears out without misuse

A “misuse” of the Apple Watch straps includes all the damage produced in it that implies that it has been exposed to situations in which it is normal for it to wear out and that are causes other than poor manufacturing. See for example wear caused by cleaning with abrasive liquids or that somebody has been taken knock.

This type of wear they are not covered for the warranty, regardless of whether the straps are the original ones that came with the Apple Watch or that they have been purchased separately from Apple. We could also include in those straps that have suffered natural wear and tear over time, especially leather ones.

When does Apple offer you a replacement?

There are certain anomalous circumstances that, although they are not specified in detail in the guarantee, Apple does take care of. If the strap has begun to lose color, some of its magnetized parts or the like have come off in a period of less than 15 days, the company will offer you a change of the same for an identical one.

And you will say, What if more time has passed? Well, it will surely be more difficult for you to show that it is not due to wear caused by any of the elements discussed in the previous section. Nor is it that this happens on the 16th, but if, for example, 4 months have passed, it will be very difficult for you to demonstrate. We also recommend requesting assistance in an Apple Store, but we already warn that it is more complicated.

And all this complexity is because the warranty does not detail nothing about the straps beyond those first 15 days that in any case Apple offers as a return period.

Cases in which you will never be covered

Accidents exist and hey, it can happen to anyone that the Apple Watch falls to the ground, that we rub it with a wall or that any other situation happens in which the watch strap is damaged. And in these cases, unfortunately, Apple will not be responsible for replacing either the strap or the watch itself. At the end of the day it is a “misuse” as previously discussed.

It must also be said that those straps not purchased from Apple, something that seems obvious, but it never hurts to remember. You may have bought a cheap strap on an internet portal, one of great quality and price in a large establishment … It will not matter. If the strap has not been purchased in a company store or it is the one that comes with the watch, they will not be responsible for any incident with it, even if it is an anomaly.

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