If you are a fan of virtual reality, you can buy this running platform for 1,000 euros

The internet is filling up with videos of people messing around while playing with a helmet virtual reality. A few months ago, we told you that hospitals in the United States had registered a huge increase in patients injured by this new way of playing video games. Many of them had hurt themselves within hours of receiving their Oculus or PlayStation VR for Christmas. To minimize the risk we take when we put on a VR headset, the company KATVR has devised a system so that we can run freely around our living room without fear of making a mess.

No more trashing the living room while playing on Oculus

Is named KAT Walk C2 VRand it’s kind of treadmill with harnesses. Once installed, the player can be tied to the platform and run freely without moving from the site. Thanks to this, falls and damage to our living room are avoided.

According to the development team, the KAT Walk is a treadmill optimized for virtual reality. It allows the player to move freely in a natural space of 360 degrees, only without moving from the site. Its designers consider that the modern game needs a modern solution to be enjoyed. Faced with the danger of playing with VR glasses in any room, the KAT Walk C2 offers security and guarantee for the user. The product has a mobile base that is activated with special shoes. It also has two vertical supports that grab the player’s waist to prevent them from falling during a game. In this way, even if the player trips, he will not fall to the ground.

A record collection

The KAT Walk C2 VR launched a few weeks ago on Kickstarter. The idea of ​​its creators was to raise funds to be able to bring their invention to production. They asked for some €235,000but in the absence of a few days for the deadline to close, the base for VR has raised almost two million dollarswith more than a thousand patrons who have contributed their money to finance the project.

Better to invest in this than in plots of the metaverse

This product is already sent to all participants who contribute $998 or more on Kickstarter. It may seem like a very expensive price, but considering that more than a few gamers have headbutted a modern television while playing with an Oculus, the KAT Walk C2 VR can even be a great investment. It will also be in order to guarantee physical integrity. Falls with virtual reality headsets almost always end in injury. This is because the player, being with his senses on the game, cannot prepare his hands to stop the impact. Considering that in many US states, breaking a wrist can put a huge hole in a bank account, it’s no wonder so many people have jumped on this new product. A somewhat strange solution, but useful in order to prevent ankle sprains and breaks. We’ll see how long it takes until competition comes out.

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