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Apple confirms they expect supply delays

Yesterday, Apple’s economic results for the second quarter of the year were presented and within the framework of this announcement, some managers were asked about the crisis in the components sector. Luca Maestri, the company’s CFO, confirmed that during the last three months they had suffered supply delays, further stating that they expect that delays increase in September.

Tim Cook, the CEO of the company, was also asked about this matter. Unlike Maestri, he did not want to get too wet when making predictions, although he did say that they would try to face the circumstances in the best possible way so that users are affected as little as possible. When it comes to the specific components that are affected, Cook said that it is in the “silicon” (the microprocessors) where the main problems lie.

What products would this delay affect?

Starting in September, new product launches are expected from Apple. And in fact they are expected to be of all kinds, from headphones to tablets, smartphones and computers. However, those who seem to be most “in danger” are the iPhone and iPad. We recall that the company plans to launch the 9th generation iPad and four new iPhones that would replace the current iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max.

Until now, analysts had excluded Apple from the companies affected by the shortage of components and more specifically its smartphones. And while it is true that this fact would not cause the company to delay its release to the market, it is expected that iPhone 13 have a smaller stock of what the company would like and that the same happens with the new iPad.

It is always usual that on the launch day of a new iPhone all units in stock are sold out and shipments are delayed for several weeks, but it seems that this year the delay time could be longer. We remember that last year Apple had problems with this due to the pandemic, even having to delay the iPhone launches to October and November.

In any case, it still seems too early to know to what extent users will be affected. The new iPhones go into production these weeks and although it is evident that both the supply chain and Apple itself will have a more accurate forecast, no more information has come to light than that commented by Luca Maestri and Tim Cook. Therefore, we will remain pending on this matter to see if there is something new worthy of review in this regard.

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