If you are going to use a password manager in Windows, choose well

As we have been saying for a long time, when using this type of access code, they must be as secure as possible. This means that they should be robust and complex, which makes it very difficult to remember them for later. But for all this we can use the programs known as password managers. As their name suggests, they are responsible for storing all our passwords inside and are protected under a master password.

In addition, with the passage of time these applications have been modernized and adapted to our needs, in this way they already offer a multitude of related functions. At first it seems that everything that surrounds the password managers they are advantages, but in reality it is not so much so. In fact, we can find some drawbacks in terms of its constant use, as we will see below.

Privacy risks of saved passwords

We have the possibility of using platforms of this type that work in the cloud or locally. This means that the passwords that we keep in the manager will be stored, either on the servers of the firm that offers us the service, or on our computer. What we must take into account is that in the second case we are saving all our access codes in a alien team.

This, as it could not be otherwise, carries a series of risks, since leaks or hacking of the servers, etc. That is why, in most cases, it is more advisable to use password managers that work locally, that is, keeping more than one backup copy of the key database.

Forget your personal master password

We have already told you before that Hello, how about the passwords that we store in these programs are later accessible through a master key. Therefore, as is evident, we must keep in mind what that master key is, and not forget it. In turn, it must be complex enough so that it cannot be easily ascertained, since if it falls into the wrong hands we have a serious problem.

In addition, in these password managers we also have the possibility on many occasions to store other private data such as notes, bank cards, etc.

Password manager may no longer be supported

Although we have a multitude of solutions of this type to choose from, it is best to select some well-known software that has been around for some time. We say this because opting for developers who are not sufficiently established in the market, can suddenly make the project disappear. This would result in the software stops receiving support, which is a danger, or it just disappears from one day to the next.

What we tell you is not the usual, and even if it happens, it is most likely that those responsible will notify us before, but in a matter as delicate as this it is better not to take risks.

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