If you are in beta, will you need to restore the iPhone when iOS 15 arrives?

What to do when iOS 15 arrives publicly

Although we do not know the exact date when it will be produced and Apple only says that it will be in “autumn”, the truth is that we can almost take it for granted that it will be Septemberwhen this happens. From what has been seen historically, it would be a real surprise if it were not in that ninth month of the year. Be that as it may, when iOS 15 arrives it will do so first with the one known as RC, which stands for Release Candidate and that not long ago was called GM (Golden Master). That version is considered the final beta and that in the end it is usually 99% of the time the same version that will reach the public a few days later.

If really that final beta ends up being identical to the one that goes out to the public, you will not need to update more. If not, the update will appear as one more at that time. Yes do you want to continue receiving betas of versions that will come later as iOS 15.1, you will not have to do anything more than keep updating as you will this time with the iOS 15 betas. If you don’t want to receive more betas later and update only when final versions are released, you will need to remove beta profile iPhone by following these steps:

remove beta ios 15 profile iphone

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on General.
  3. Locate the “Profile” part and enter there.
  4. Click on “iOS 15 Beta Software Profile”.
  5. Click on «Delete Profile». It is likely that after this you will be asked for the security code and restart the iPhone.

And regarding the question of whether it is necessary restore iPhoneWe must tell you no As we discussed in previous lines, there is no problem to have the final version of iOS 15 without having to do anything and you can even remove the beta profile later without deleting data. Now, if it is true that this may be one of those occasions in which it is advisable to format the iPhone to eliminate possible errors, although if everything works well it will not be necessary.

Is it the same with the iPad, Mac, Watch and Apple TV betas?

Well, broadly speaking, yes. While it is true that each device has its particularity, in the end the same thing happens in all of them as in the iPhone with iOS: an RC version arrives and days later that same version is released to the public. If you have the beta on one or more of those computers, you will need to follow these steps to remove the respective beta profiles when their final versions arrive:

  • On iPad: identical process to the iPhone explained above.
  • On Mac:
    1. Open System Preferences
    2. Click on “Software update”.
    3. Click where it says “Details” while pressing the “option” key (also known as “alt”).
    4. Click on “Restore defaults”.
  • On Apple Watch:
    1. Open the Watch app on the iPhone
    2. Go to the “My Watch” tab.
    3. Click on «General».
    4. Look for “Profile”.
    5. Now go to “watchOS 8 Beta Software Profile”.
    6. Click on «Delete Profile»
  • On Apple TV:
    1. Open Settings.
    2. Go to “System”.
    3. Now click on “Software updates”.
    4. Click on “Get beta updates” and click “No”.

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