If you are not a Boursorama customer, you will not be able to resist this offer

Boursorama Banque is dazzling us this weekend with a great welcome offer. As part of the Pink Weekend, new customers will be able to receive a bonus of 100 euros for opening an account. This is free and without income conditions.

With more than 3.3 million customers, Boursorama Banque is the largest French online bank. It is slowly approaching Societe Generale and other BNP Paribas in number of customers. Over the past five years, it has recorded unprecedented growth in the banking landscape: it is now targeting 4 million customers by the end of the year.

To boost its growth this weekend, the online bank has decided to hold a new Pink Weekend. For 96 hours (Friday to Monday), you will be able to receive 100 euros bonus for opening a current account. To do this, you must use the code PW100 and subscribe to the Ultim formula. This is free and without income conditions: everyone is accepted.

With Boursorama Banque, you will therefore be able to start in the best conditions with this bonus of 100 euros. But in the long term, this is where the economy is most important: it has been known to be the “cheapest bank in France” for 14 years and it will allow you to reduce your bank charges by several hundred euros. per year. Note that it remains very premium, which justifies all the interest.

A bonus of 100 euros, divided in two

For the formalities, Boursorama Banque divides its welcome bonus into two parts. Be careful, this does not mean that it will be difficult to obtain – quite the contrary. Online banking is the one that offers this bonus the easiest of the whole market. Just follow the standard procedure to open the account and it will release the 100 euros to you.

In detail, a first bonus of 20 euros will be paid to you when you have activated your account. This involves having to complete the registration form and make a first payment into the account (300 euros minimum). This money is not blocked, you can then use it at any time – or even withdraw it if necessary.

The second bonus of 80 euros will be released when you have ordered your Ultim card. Once your account is open, you can order your bank card from your customer area. This step is also free: here you receive a Visa Ultim which is similar to a Visa Premier or Mastercard Gold. Insurance and guarantees will also cover you abroad.

The 100 euro bonus offered by online banking only concerns the Ultim account. Rest assured, this is the account chosen by the vast majority of customers. There are two other formulas: the Metal offer which is paid by default and which gives access to a metal card and some additional advantages; and the Welcome offer which is limited and has lost popularity.

If you are looking for an account for everyday use, the Ultim formula is ideal. For those who will have a standard use of their card and their account, it will cost nothing at all. On average, customers pay 7.79 euros in bank charges per year with this offer. The comparison with the national average is striking: the French pay an average of 215 euros in bank charges per year. Boursorama Banque is therefore far ahead of the competition.

A high-end online bank

Often, low prices rhyme with poor quality. This is anything but the case at Boursorama Banque. The online bank knows that it must make efforts to convince the French to go to a digital establishment. It therefore works on all its products and services to make them as accessible and simple as possible so as not to create frustration.

In terms of product range, Boursorama Banque is at the level of traditional banks. It includes the current account, loans, savings and of course the stock market – which was the group’s historic business. Whether you are looking for funds for a loan or want to grow your capital, this online bank offers effective solutions that you can subscribe to in a few clicks.

When you start an “online” bank, you are also afraid of losing contact with your historical bank advisor. Boursorama Banque has set up excellent customer service (3 years in a row on the first step of the Customer Relations Podium) to quickly help customers. The advisers are specialists in each of the banking products, they will be able to provide you with an effective answer by telephone, in a few minutes.

In any case, opening an account with Boursorama Banque for this Pink Weekend does not commit you. You don’t need to prove income, you don’t need to make it a main account and you don’t need to domicile funds there every month. In the end, you open it in a few minutes, you benefit from the 100 euros bonus and then you can do a test.

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