If you are Office Insider, this week you can test its new interface

It was a week ago when Microsoft announced that it would launch the first preview version of its Office Visual Refresh for Windows 11. But at the moment the expected update for Office Inside users has not yet occurred. Something that should have already occurred last week, according to the company’s own indications. Although the company itself has been in charge of ensuring that it will be available throughout this week, so that in just a few days it will be possible to have access.

The new look of Office available in the coming days

In the official blog post where the visual update of Office is collected, Microsoft, there is a new entry registered, updated as of July 2, indicating that the expected update will be available starting this week for members of Office Insiders who run the compilations Beta Channel 1414228.20000 or later in Windows 11 or Windows 10.

In this way, it will be over the next few days when Office Insiders users can enjoy the new visual bet that Microsoft has given to its complete office suite. This new appearance can be both activated and deactivated as we choose, during the duration of the test period, from the experiments section. This small delay has been a small disappointment for its users who were waiting with expectation for the long-awaited aesthetic and visual change of Office, which will remain integrated in line with that of the new operating system.

Excel and PowerPoint with a new look

The look and feel of Office built into Windows 11

If Windows 11 stood out for something, it was because of its new visual appearance. This aspect will be accompanied by the new and renewed appearance of Office, which will also be available for Windows 10 users. It is an update that is highly demanded by users themselves, who require a more natural and consistent experience within their applications. , especially in Windows. Now Office will be able to match the theme that we have installed in Windows, so that we can have the same visual update in Office, including dark, white, colorful or dark gray mode.

The update will benefit all the applications that make up the package such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access, Project, Publisher and Visio. These programs will have a new neutral color palette, which can be changed automatically based on the theme of Windows 11. In addition, a new real dark mode for Office was officially confirmed. All this, if the deadlines set by Microsoft are met, it can be verified from this week.

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