If you are using NVIDIA GeForce Experience, enable its experimental features

Graphics card drivers are one of the most important drivers on your computer. If we want everything to work well, and especially if we use the PC to play games, it is vital to make sure that we always keep them updated. In the case of NVIDIA, for example, in addition to the drivers, we can install a very useful tool to manage and configure the installed games: GeForce Experience. And, with a little trick, we are going to be able to get even more out of it.

GeForce Experience is a tool that is installed together with the package of NVIDIA drivers and thanks to which we can get the most out of the games. This program is responsible for enabling a screen superimposed on the games from which we can control the performance, record or stream the games, as well as apply different filters and effects to the games to give them a unique touch. Broadly speaking, it is like the Windows Game Bar, but developed by NVIDIA.

But it is not only used for this, far from it. This tool is responsible for analyzing the computer’s hardware and, depending on the graphics and the processor (among other factors), it allows us to automatically adjust the graphics to have the best quality and the best performance without complications and without performing dozens of tests.

As with any software, when this program is installed, only those functions that are guaranteed to work correctly are activated. However, if we are one of those who like to be one step ahead of the rest, we will also be able to activate, with a single click, its experimental functions. Let’s see how.

Before continuing, we want to make it clear that this change only affects GeForce Experience features. At no time will they be downloaded or installed beta drivers in the computer.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience Experimental Features

Broadly speaking, NVIDIA’s experimental features are nothing more than the “beta” version of the program. When we activate them, what the tool does is download the new version from the company’s servers and install it on top of the one we already have. At the end of the process we will see how the new functions are already available on our PC.

To activate these experimental functions, all we have to do is open the program and enter the configuration by clicking on the gear icon that we will find in the upper right corner. Here, in the section «About»We will be able to see a box that will allow us to enable these characteristics.

We mark it, close and open the program and that’s it. Some of the news may be visible to the naked eye, while others may be internal and not see anything that catches our attention. As changes are made, they will be downloaded and activated automatically as long as we keep this box checked. And, in case we get tired of them, or have problems, we have nothing but uncheck the box to undo the changes.

And if we want to check the news that we are going to find when activating these experimental functions, we can do it from here. Of course, said content does not stand out especially for being up-to-date.

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