If you are using Windows 10 2004, prepare the update as soon as possible

Windows 10 2004 (Client and Server version) support will end next December 14th and Microsoft has issued a reminder for users who are still using this version to upgrade to higher versions of Windows 10 that are still supported. Or downgrade to Windows 11 as long as the computers exceed the minimum hardware requirements.

As you know, Microsoft changed with Windows 10 the development of operating systems to a model as a service. I also change the delivery of versions with semi-annual updates and technical support for each of them. Although the general version, Windows 10, will be supported until October 2025, the user You must change the version from time to time because Microsoft is canceling the previous ones.

«On December 14, 2021, all editions of Windows 10 2004, clients and Windows Server, will reach the end of service. After that date, devices running these editions will no longer receive monthly security and quality updates containing protections against the latest security threats.«, Explains Microsoft.

Taking into account the security vulnerabilities that appear almost daily, with Windows as one of the preferred platforms, the recommendation is to update systems as soon as possible towards supported versions that have access to security patches.

Windows 10 2004 to Windows 11?

Updating versions of Windows 10 is as simple as access Windows Update and look for higher updates, 2010 or the latest stable version 21H1. This same month we will have another update, (autumn version or 21H2) that we hope will be one of the most complete in recent times with news in all sections.

You can also take the opportunity to clean and perform a clean installation by downloading the ISO images. Here you have a practical on its use and link to the download of any version. You can also access the Windows 10 download portal and start the update process with a simple click:

Another possibility is jump to Windows 11 before this version runs out of support. Microsoft has taken advantage of the announcement to promote Windows 11, another possibility to jump from Windows 10 2004. Of course, not all machines will be supported by the increase in requirements.

«If you are using Windows 10, you can determine if your device is eligible for the update by using the PC Health Check app or by checking the Windows 11 computer specifications, features, and requirements. If you have an eligible device, open Windows Update Settings and select Check for updates. Once the update is ready for your device, you will see the option to download and install«, Explains Microsoft.

If you meet the requirements and decide to jump to the new version of Windows, in this guide you have all the ways to install it, from scratch or updating without losing installed applications, settings or personal data. In any case, remember, Windows 10 will have technical support until October 2025, even if you have to skip the version as in this case.

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