If you buy a Steam Deck now, it will arrive for Christmas

One of the most precious objects of recent months has good news for you. Valve has announced that they are improving the manufacturing times of their desired Steam Deck, confirming that all those users who have an order number will be able to receive their console in the coming months. But there is more, if you have wanted one now, you are in time to ask.

When does the Steam Deck ship?

In the first place, the first beneficiaries will obviously be those who have already bought a unit. The consoles that were to be shipped throughout the year will get a boostand they will begin to arrive at the homes of their new owners between the third and fourth quarters of 2022. This means that in the coming months of August and September those units that are becoming so hard to get should begin to arrive.

With this move, the reserves that were still waiting to be completed should be closed once and for all, so that 2022 would end with all shipments completed.

Can I buy a Steam Deck now?

Steam Deck Shipping

But Valve had more good news to share. The optimism in the factory is such that the company has confirmed that users who still want to buy a Steam Deck will be able to do so and enter the new reservation period with a delivery date for the fourth quarter of the year. This means that if you order a Steam Deck right now, whatever model you choose, you will enter the fourth quarter pre-order window, so you would have your brand new console in time for the christmas period.

Of course, this reservation window will have a limit, so if it is completed, the new orders from then on will go to the next quarter (Q1 of 2023), so you should be vigilant and not waste too much time if it is you want a console

At this time, the three Steam Deck models in the store (64GB, 256GB and 512GB) offer the fourth quarter of the year as an estimated delivery date, so for the moment you would enter the fastest delivery period they offer to today (unless you go for second-hand options like Wallapop).

Is the Steam Deck worth it?

Steam Deck

Valve’s console has generated opinions of all kinds, but in general it is a device that everyone who has it falls in love with. We are talking about a portable PC with tremendous potential, which is capable of running modern games at high quality, and whose versatility rises to unsuspected limits. Its Linux-based operating system isn’t particularly comfortable to use if you go into deeper options and decide to install things yourself, but Steam OS by default works quite well and you shouldn’t have any problems using it. If you prefer, you can install Windows 11, although at the moment it is not an option that works 100%, since some details remain to be polished in terms of compatibility with the operating system.

If you can’t find time to play your favorite games on your PC, with Steam Deck you’ll have them for sure, since its portability allows you to play at any time wherever you are.

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