If you can’t open WebP images, use these Chrome extensions to download them

The Google image search engine is one of the best options when looking for photographs of any subject, whether to share with our friends, use them to document a job from our educational center or work project, to use them as CD covers or DVDs among many utilities. However, it is increasingly common to find images in Webp format, a format that offers greater compression while maintaining the same quality.

It is for this reason that it is used mainly on web pages and not on mobile devices, where the HEVC format is used, a format that, like WebP, is not natively supported by Windows. The only Windows applications that allow us to open image files in WebP format with the browser itself, microsoft edge (just like any other that we have installed on our computer) and the application paintingan application that is not the best option when it comes to editing images, even if it is only to change the size or change it to another format that we can use with other applications.

Fortunately, for this problem, we have a solution and, in this case, it is not an application to convert images in WebP format to other formats, but several extensions that allow us to download images from any website in the format that we want. , taking care of making the conversion automatically and showing the downloaded file in the document that we have selected. Next, we show you the best extensions to download images from the Internet in the image format that we want, without the need to convert WebP images to other formats.

Save Image as Type

The Save image as Type extension is one of the best options we have available in the Chrome extensions store since it allows us to select in which format we want to download any image that is in WebP format, an image format that is increasingly used in the Internet.

The operation of this extension is very simple. Once we have downloaded it, the extension will be available through the contextual menu that is displayed when clicking with the right mouse button on any image, a menu where we have to go to Save image as Type and select the format with which we want to save the image: PNG or JPG. If the image is in another format, we can also download it in WebP format.

Save image as Type
Save image as Type


SaveAS is another extension for Chrome that also allows us to select the format in which we want to download any image from a website. Regardless of the format in which the image is found, with SaveAS we can download both PNG, such as JPG or WebP. The design and operation of this extension is exactly the same as Save Image as Type.

SaveAs - save image as PNG JPG WebP
SaveAs - save image as PNG JPG WebP

Save Image as PNG

Another interesting option in the form of an extension available in the Google extensions store is Save Image as PNG, an extension that only allows us to download the images in PNG format, format that we must use to download images with transparency if we want to keep them. With over 200,000 downloads, this app is one of the most popular apps for downloading images available in WebP PNG format.

Save Image As PNG
Save Image As PNG

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