If you don’t buy Hogwarts Legacy it’s because you don’t want to: look at these offers

Everyone expected that Hogwarts Legacy There was going to be no problem selling enough units to allow Warner Games and Avalanche to think of a continuation, but given the reception by the community, not only is that clear, but it has also made this product inspired by the universe Harry Potter in one of the new franchises that could be perpetuated for the coming years.

Unprecedented success

That enormous success was not only glimpsed by simply looking at the lists of best sellers in stores like Steam, or the number of players connected in the first 72 hours, but also officially Hogwarts Legacy has become the most successful “non-Call of Duty” launch of the last 12 months. That is to say, that it has come to surpass the very FIFA and other already consolidated sagas that when they land on the market they hit it off. And that’s saying a lot.

In any case, we have not come here to praise the virtues of this game, but rather to leave you some interesting offers to get it somewhat cheaper than normal. Remember that there are two editions, one standard and the other Deluxe, which is accompanied by certain digital items that we can use in the game to equip our hero, etc. Because the 72-hour early access before launch obviously doesn’t make any sense to highlight it at this point.

Where to buy Hogwarts Legacy cheaper?

Well, if you are looking for the game for PC, on Steam, we are going to give you two options on the Fanatical website. If you want to buy the normal version of Hogwarts Legacy You just have to click here to take it for only 52.79 euros (59.99 at normal price). If you prefer the Deluxe with those digital extras it will be a bit more expensive, but always below the cost that appears on its official Steam page: 61.59 euros compared to the usual 69.99. These sales end on Friday, February 24.

Something cheaper will cost you in Eneba where the two versions appear with an even greater discount than in the case of Fanatical. If you want the normal version of Hogwarts Legacy You can get it for only 46.89 euros from here, while in the case of the Deluxe, with the Onyx frame and everything, it will stay at 58.99, which is a cut to take into account to enjoy from Now about this success.

In the case of PS5, You have a small discount on Amazon for the normal version which, remember, is more expensive than its equivalent on PC. Of the 74.99 euros that it costs, it remains at only 66.99, so it is not bad at all. Here below we leave you the offer.

Finally, on Xbox Series X | S we have exactly the same offer as in the case of PS5 with a discount that goes from 74.99 euros from the recommended price to 66.99, which is almost eight euros less. He can give it to you to have a drink with friends in honor of what is, today, the great success of 2023.

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