If you don’t like the new Gmail, these 3 programs will make you forget about it

A few days ago, Google has started to activate the new gmail interface to all users. Although it is nothing more than an update of the version that we have been using for a few years, Google has remained a kind of box, within which the mail is grouped. And this box does not end up fitting well with the original theme or with most of the themes that we can choose to personalize the mail. And this ends up frustrating users.

If we have already tried this new Gmail interface, and we don’t like it, then we recommend three programs for Windows from which we can read and manage all our email without having to go to the Google website and go through the hoop of this new interface.

windows mail

The first of the alternatives to gmail The one we are going to talk about is the Mail app itself, which is included by default in Windows 10 and Windows 11. This application is an application, similar to the client that we can have installed on our mobile, to centralize all our email accounts. mail.

Contacts in Mail app

By default, the mail app It will show us the messages that arrive to the account with which we have logged into Windows, for example, Hotmail or Outlook. However, we can easily log in with a Gmail account (as well as any other email provider) so that we can have all our messages centralized within the same app, and very well organized.


Another of the programs that can be used perfectly to unite all our email accounts and get away from the ugly interface of Gmail is Outlook. This is Microsoft’s advanced mail client, a program where we can log in with all our accounts and have total control over all the mail that arrives on our PC.

Outlook on Windows 11

Outlook is a paid program that is part of Microsoft 365, so to use it we will have to pay for the Office subscription. In addition, it is also included in some of the Office packages so that, if we do not want to pay every month, we can use it for a single payment together with Word, Excel and other programs.

thunder bird

Lastly, let’s talk about Thunderbird. This program has been with us since 2003, and comes to us from Mozilla, the company responsible for developing the Firefox browser. Currently, yes, Thunderbird is maintained by a subsidiary of this company called “MZLA Technologies Corporation”.

Mozilla Thunderbird account settings

It is a very complete email client and, at the same time, easy to use. It has a large number of customization options thanks to which we can adjust its interface, and its functions, to our needs. With Thunderbird we will not only be able to add all the email accounts that we want to use them from the same place, but we will also be able to centralize our calendars, task lists, and even have a news aggregator at hand to follow all the publications from our favorite websites.

A totally free email client, open source, and without any limitations that we can download totally free from its website.

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