If you get tired of ads in Windows, do this and forget about them

Since the arrival of Windows 8, and especially with Windows 10, Microsoft has turned its operating system into a system as a service. This OS collects a large amount of information about users, information that can be used both for research purposes, to improve the system, and to generate extra income through personalized recommendations.

Thus, we can find advertisements in many parts of the system. For example, in the notification center, on the lock screen, in the start menu, in the browser… and they almost always go unnoticed, but they are there. For this reason, we are going to explain how to deactivate them to have a much cleaner user experience.

on the lock screen

What we must do is open the Windows Configuration menu (Win + I), and go to the Personalization> Lock screen section. Inside we can find all the options made with this screen, among them, the options of the ads.

We must make sure to choose the “Image” or “Presentation” option to be able to see the option to disable this advertising. The option that we must deactivate is “Show curious data, recommendations, tips and more on the lock screen”.

We deactivate this option and that’s it. Here we will not see any more ads.

in the start menu

Surely we have also seen promotional and recommended applications in the Windows start menu. Programs that, by the way, we have not installed. For example, TikTok, Prime Video or Adobe Express. If we are tired of these programs, and we want to clean the PC, we simply have to locate the program in the start menu, right-click on it, and choose the uninstall option.

Once deleted, we will no longer hear from it.

Remove advertising notifications

Another point where we can find ads is in the notifications section. And, luckily, we can also disable them from here. To do this, what we have to do is open the Windows Settings panel, and we will go to the System> Notifications section. At the bottom we can find the following three options, which we must deactivate.

Remove ads Windows 11 - 2

After doing so, we will not see any more ads within this section.

Other ads we can disable

In addition to all of the above, in Windows we can find ads in other parts of the operating system that we can also disable. For example:

  • In the File Browser: We can find advertisements such as promotions or recommendations for services such as OneDrive. They are disabled from the browser options.
  • Turn off the options device usage to not receive recommendations from pinned programs. We do it from the Settings menu, within customization.
  • Remove the suggested content so that Windows does not make recommendations based on our interests. We can find this option in the Settings menu, in the privacy and security section.
  • Disable ID personal to show personalized ads in applications. We also deactivate it from the same section as the previous option.
  • Turn off the personalized experiences of the system, from the comments and diagnosis section, so that Microsoft cannot use our data.

With all of these changes, and with a global overhaul to our Windows privacy settings, we will almost completely reduce ads from the operating system. And, in addition, we can use it much more privately.

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