If you go on vacation by plane, put an AirTag in your suitcase just in case


I think that he AirTag it’s the only Apple device you buy hoping you’ll never have to use it. Quite an inconsistency for an electronic device, and even more so if it has a screen-printed apple, but it is so. It’s like when you take out your car insurance. You do it for safety and peace of mind, but in the hope that you’ll never have to use it.

So if you are an Apple user with a iPhone, iPad or a Mac and you are going to go on vacation this summer by plane, think about the possibility of having your suitcase controlled if you hook it or put an AirTag inside it. For how little it costs, it can get you out of trouble, and once the trip is over, you can use it as a keychain or carry it in your bag. It’s better to prevent than to cure.

At home we are four family members, and as soon as Apple launched the AirTag in the 2021I bought a pack of four, for each of us. the two girls, my wife and my child, usually carry it hidden in their bag, and the two boys, my boy and a servant, hooked on the keys.

And in all this time, only the kid, due to his bad head of youth, has lost the keys a couple of times and has quickly located them in his iPhone thanks to the AirTag. If I had really lost them, just the expense of changing the lock at home would already have cost me more than what I spent back in the day on the AirTags, so they are already amortized.

to the suitcase

And in August we will go on vacation, and we will have to take a plane to go, and another to return. So each one of us will clip or keep his corresponding AirTag in his bag. Hoping I don’t have to use them. But if unfortunately the airline company loses a suitcase, at least we will be able to know where it is, whether at the departure airport, the arrival airport, or if it has subsequently been delivered by mistake to another traveler, which also usually happens.

So from here we advise that by 35 euros what does it cost, if you already have an iPhone or an iPad, and you’re going to catch a plane these days, get one, activate it, and put it in your suitcase along with your toiletry bag. It’s better to prevent than to cure.

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