If you have a dog or cat, how often do you have to clean the PC of hair?

Those of us who have an animal or several at home know the company and affection they give us, although they also increase the dirt in the environment. Especially due to the large number of hairs and sometimes feathers that they end up releasing and that can end up inside our PC. What makes our pet become in the long run the worst enemy of our computer. How often should we clean our PC if we have a pet?

We have said it many times, a good part of the problems of overheating, noise and loss of performance in many computers comes from the fact that they are not regularly maintained in the form of a good, adequate cleaning of the interior of our PC. However, things get complicated with an animal at home, not only because of the hair they usually leave behind, but also because of the fact that their curiosity can overwhelm them and they bite cables and disassemble components. Which can also be dangerous for them. That is why it is not only important to keep our system clean, but also to create a safe environment for our pet, be it a dog, cat or even a parrot.

How to maintain the PC properly if we have a pet?

The most important thing of all isor leave aside the cleaning of the room where our computer is, so from time to time it is convenient to do a thorough cleaning so that the hairs in the environment disappear. In passing we remind you that it is a bad idea to have the tower on the ground And please, if you use a laptop, don’t leave it under the bed. Since the hairs accumulate on the ground. And if we are already talking about the inside of your computer, of course you will have to clean it more periodically. How often? Well, what we are going to say may seem like an exaggeration, but cleaning at least once a week is recommended.

It’s also a good idea to have good cable management, whether on the desk or inside the tower. This tangle can draw your cat or dog’s attention and cause an accident. In the case of external peripheral wiring, we recommend keeping it well stored. In any case, you will not be able to prevent your dog or cat from getting on top of the PC or near it, since they will look for a place to be warm, especially in the coldest months of the year.

So the only thing you need is a higher level of responsibility and care if you use your computer with pets at home. In any case, cleaning and maintenance should also be done without dogs or cats or other animals at home in order to preserve the health of it and its components for as long as possible. Do not forget that the hair of an animal in combination with dust is the worst problem in the face of the ambient temperature in the PC tower.

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