If you have an iPhone X, is the iPhone 13 worth it?

  • Design It changes completely, going from rounded frames on the iPhone X to square frames on the iPhone 13, something that you will definitely notice every time you hold the model 13 in your hand.
  • The cameras They have evolved, in fact despite having the same number of lenses, these are not the same, and the presence of the ultra wide angle makes a significant difference, not to mention the amount of functions that you have available on the iPhone 13.
  • The autonomy It has always been a point that has worried iPhone users, however, the Cupertino company is doing things really well in this regard and the battery jump between one model and another is noticeable.

Major differences

Once you already know the more technical data of both devices and, more or less, the main differences, we are going to fully talk about that, about the aspects in which, if you make the change from iPhone X to iPhone 13, the more you will notice and surely, the more you will enjoy using your new device on a day-to-day basis.

Same double camera?

Surely the point in which Apple has placed the most emphasis in recent years to offer the best of the best each year is the cameras. We start with the double camera module, since in this case, both have two lenses on the back. However, as we mentioned before, despite having the same number of lenses, these they are not the same. For his part the iPhone X has a wide angle with opening f / 1.8 and a telephoto with opening f / 2.4. For his part, iPhone 13 keep lens wide angle, improving the opening until reaching a f / 1.6 and change the telephoto lens for a lens ultra wide angle with an opening f / 2.4.

IPhone 13 lenses

On the front you will also find significant differences between the two devices. On the one hand the iPhone X has a TrueDepth camera with an aperture f / 2.2 and 7 Mpx, Meanwhile he iPhone 13 also offers a TrueDepth camera with the same opening, but raising the number of megapixels to 12, an improvement that is undoubtedly noticeable when taking pictures with this lens.

The improvement in terms of cameras, or rather, in terms of photography and video lies not only in the lenses of the devices, but in the chip that assemble each of them and also in the different functions that the Cupertino company has been providing to users throughout these 4 years of evolution that separate the iPhone X from the iPhone 13. If we talk about the chip, it really is one of the true architects that iPhone photos are so good, the iPhone X features the A11 Bionic chip Meanwhile he iPhone 13 enjoy the A15 Bionic, an evolution that without any doubt really makes a difference.

iPhone X lenses

At the level of new functions, the iPhone 13 has also been the protagonist, since it premieres on the one hand the video recording in cinematic mode, that is, the smart application that Apple has made of the portrait mode in the video, and on the other hand the possibility of making macro photography with the ultra wide angle lens. To these new features of the iPhone 13 we must add everything that Apple has introduced in previous versions such as night mode in all lenses, portrait mode improvements or the possibility of doing photos in Apple Pro Raw format. In short, the evolution that the iPhone has undergone at the photographic and video level is quite considerable.

The screen has changed for the better

One of the fundamental aspects of a device, since it is also the element with which users are continuously in contact, is the screen, and in this aspect the evolution has also been remarkable. The first thing to highlight is the resizing, since the iPhone 13 is larger than the iPhone X due to the fact that it enjoys a screen of 6.1 inches by 5.8 that has the iPhone X.

iPhone X display

In addition, the iPhone X screen is a Super Retina HD while that of the iPhone 13 is a Super Retina XDR, both with OLED technology, evidently. Another point that should be noted on the screen is the maximum brightness, reaching only 625 nits in the X model, while in the 13 it reaches 800 nits, or even 1200 nits with HDR content. Both feature True Tone technology and a wide color gamut. Finally, it should be mentioned that the resolution has also improved, although in this case slightly.

A real face lift

Surely the most obvious change between one device and another, regardless of size, it is design. The iPhone X was without a doubt the model that introduced the most changes since the first iPhone, since not only was it a novelty at the design level, but this implicitly led to a new way of using the device through different gestures. Well, that design was renewed with the iPhone 12 generation, which has evidently inherited the iPhone 13.

iPhone X

From X to 13 the edges are no longer rounded to make way for the square edges, adopting an appearance very similar to that of models such as the iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 and falling in love with the vast majority of users. This change certainly makes the feeling you have when holding the phone in your hand is totally different, and gives a more premium touch if possible to a device that is already in the elite as far as smartphones are concerned.

iPhone 13 in hand

In addition, another change, although in this case very slight, is the notch reduction, a notch that was released with the iPhone X and that in generation 13 has been modified, reducing its size by 20%. This reduction is nothing more than an aesthetic aspect, since functionally it does not add anything more to the smartphone than what users already had with previous models.

More changes you have to know

We have already told you about what are, from our point of view, the most abrupt changes that you can notice when going from an iPhone X to an iPhone 13. However, there are 4 years of evolution between one device and another, and therefore Fortunately, the Cupertino company has had time to improve other aspects of the iPhone, perhaps not as intensively as those mentioned above, but they are notable enough to mention.

Autonomy is no longer a problem

One of the concerns we could say that almost eternal in the users of a smartphone, and also, obviously, of an iPhone, is the battery. Historically, the iPhone has never been a device that has been left over in terms of autonomy, however, this is a point that although it has not undergone a radical change, if Apple has been able to significantly improve it within the possibilities that you gives a size like 6.1 inches.

If we look at the data that the Cupertino company itself provides through its website, we see how the video playback on the iPhone X it can go up to 13 hours, while in the iPhone 13 it increases to 19 hours. The same goes for the video playback, which in the X model reaches up to 60 hours while in the 13th it increases to 75 hours, certainly a considerable improvement.

iPhone X black

But hey, these are data, the reality is that maybe this increase in autonomy is even more notable when using the device on a day-to-day basis, giving you that extra peace of mind that you have to use your device a lot on a day-to-day basis so that it does not last a full day without the need to go through the charge in the middle of the day. Although obviously, if you want the best of the best in terms of battery, the model that has no competition is the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Finally, and something that we cannot ignore when we talk about the battery, is the way that users of both devices have to charge just that, the battery. In the case of the iPhone X it has a Lightning port and the possibility of using wireless charging, features that the iPhone 13 also enjoys, but which adds one more alternative, and is the possibility of charging the device with the MagSafe technology and its compatible accessories. In addition, it should be mentioned that both have fast charge, capable of charging up to 50% of the battery in just 30 minutes using a 20W or higher power adapter.

Power in abundance

When talking about the power of the device, it is true that the difference that exists between what is capable of carrying out the A15 Bionic chip from iPhone 13 is greater than what the A11 Bionic chip from iPhone X. However, we have not included this point among the most notable differences between both devices, since really in most situations or actions that you are going to perform with your device, you will hardly notice this.

apple iphone 13

The reality is that Apple has always been able to perfectly optimize performance and experience that users have with their devices, regardless of the chip that they mount. If it is true, that if you are a very demanding user to perform heavy actions with the iPhone, the power jump you will undoubtedly notice, but if, on the contrary, you make a more or less normal use of it, you will notice it, but to a lesser extent.

The presence of 5G

Finally, and before going with our personal assessment, we have to talk about the 5G connectivity, something that without a doubt, perhaps right now is not a primary point to take into account since the 5G network that we currently have is not fully developed, but if you are thinking of buying a device for many years, we believe it is vital.

iPhone X + Apple WatchThe iPhone Xunfortunately for users not compatible with 5G networks, a compatibility that the iPhone 13 has And that, as we have commented, perhaps today it is not possible to take advantage of its full potential, but that in a few years, having a 5G network will be practically indispensable, not to mention all the advantages that this will entail.

Conclusion, does it make up for the jump from one to the other?

Obviously, after having made this comparison and having transferred all the information that we consider relevant between both devices It is time for you to decide and assess whether it is really worth it. make the change from iPhone X to iPhone 13. We are going to give you our opinion below.

iPhone 13 + accessories

You have to bear in mind that what we are going to tell you is completely subjective, and that it may or may not coincide with the conclusion that you draw after seeing the differences between both devices. From our point of view the jump is more than great, without a doubt any user who changes an iPhone X for an iPhone 13 will notice improvements in all aspects, from the cameras, battery, screen to the feeling that they will have every time they use your phone. Therefore, if the writing team asks us if it is worth making the leap from an iPhone X to an iPhone 13, our answer is resounding: yes it’s worth it, of course.

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