If you have an iPhone, you have these secret apps

The iPhone is a device with a huge number of applications. Apple stands behind the software that its phones have. But did you know that the iPhone has hidden apps that are pre-installed? Some are accessibility functions, others to see internal parameters, and there is even an app for meditation. In this post we show you and teach you how to access them.

The Control Center is a wild card

The iPhone Control Center is by no means a hidden thing. But there are some applications that can go unnoticed, since it seems that they are “the same”, but in reality they are individual and separate functions, which give us more speed when performing certain tasks.

The iPhone Control Center has the following “less noticeable” apps: Sound Recognition, Magnifier, Code Scanner, and Hearing. the app Hearing It is one of the most unknown, and it may surprise you, since it is an app that plays ambient sounds so that we can concentrate, and even meditate. We have six background sounds: pink noise, white noise, brown noise, ocean, rain, and brook. In addition, this app offers us the possibility of seeing the sound of our environment through a decibel meter. Two functions in one, for a hidden and very interesting app.

audition app iphone sound recognition It’s not the same as Shazam. It is an accessibility app designed for people with hearing problems. This turns on the iPhone’s microphone to distinguish the sounds around us and, through a notification, lets us know what is happening, but that we cannot hear. An ambulance siren, a barking dog, a crying baby, etc. It’s a Shazam of ambient sound.

sound recognition magnifying glass app

In the line of accessibility, Magnifying glass it may look like the same thing the camera does. But it has a much cleaner interface, with more magnification and the photos we take to read something are deleted when we close the app. This way we don’t take up unnecessary space in the gallery and we don’t have to delete the photos one by one. Something that, without a doubt, saves us time.

To save time, there is Code reader. Although the Camera app reads QR, this app detects many more angles, and opens the link automatically in a dedicated tab. Therefore, we waste less time focusing on the QR, clicking on the link and having it open in Safari. Everything stays in the same place. Therefore, in the line of saving time, it is a very good option to read and open QR immediately.

The most secret application

The iPhone has a secret application, which we can only access if we press a sequence of numbers on the phone’s keyboard. This app is called FTMInternal-4 and serves to check, in real time, the coverage indicators of our network operator. This way we will be able to visualize metrics in a much more advanced way of the communication bands of our iPhone. To access this app, we will have to go to Phone and type *3001#12345#* . In this way, the app will open automatically and we can only enter it through this sequence.

ftm internal 4 imei

The latter is a bonus. Although it is not an app as such, it is a numeric keyboard command with which we can see the codes IMEI of our iPhone. if we type *#06# A screen called Device Information will skip and we will be able to see four codes: EID, IMEI, IMEI2 and MEID. In addition to seeing the numbers, we’ll see a barcode for each code, just in case we need them. Keep in mind that these numbers are confidential, so for security, you should not share them with anyone.

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