If you have both PlayStation and Xbox, which Logitech steering wheel to choose?

Choosing a good steering wheel to enjoy the best racing games completely changes the way you enjoy them, since what is achieved with this is having the closest experience possible to driving one of those supercars that are unattainable in life. real.

Of course, it is not about cheap peripherals and fans of racing video games spend relatively high amounts of money and as we have said before, the steering wheels of the Swiss brand have long been highly regarded by fans.

The problem comes when we also want to use one of the Logitech flyers with any of the Xbox or PlayStation consoles, which forces us to have to rule out the use of it on one console or another. The reason for it? Differences in the communication protocol between both consoles, which also prevents the creation of a universal gamepad that we can use for both systems. Of course, a game controller of a few tens of euros is not the same as a peripheral that can cost up to ten times more.

Why can’t we use the same Logitech wheel on PlayStation and Xbox?

Last year Logitech launched its G923, an improved version of the G920 / G29 with the particularity of an improved Force Feedback system that they called TruForce. The problem comes when we see that under the same name there are two different products on the market, but with the same specifications and the only thing that differ is in the compatibility on the consoles, and there is a model for PlayStation and another for Xbox.

But is it really so? If you listen to most of the driving game experts the answer is that it is nothing more than a G29 or a G920 but more expensive and with the new functionality included. On the other hand, Logitech itself when it announced last year both models of the steering wheel published on its Twitter with the following text:

Good news simracers! Each version of the G923 Racing Wheell and its pedals is compatible with either Xbox One or PlayStation 4. The new steering wheel and the current generation will work with Xbox SeriesS X (G923 and G920) or on PlayStation 5 (G923 and G29 pending approval. end of product by SIE).

If we read how the message was written, we will see that it does not make it entirely clear the full compatibility of the G92 with PlayStation and Xbox at the same time, and that has led to confusion. In principle, the problem is that the G920 and G29 models that would be compatible with the respective consoles, but this does not happen with the G923. So the fact that the brand has two different models where only the front button panel changes causes confusion about the universal compatibility of both models.

Logitech G923 Xbox PlayStation Steering Wheel

This communication problem on the part of Logitech and the misunderstanding on the part of users means that many fans of driving games have entered a false dilemma when it comes to choosing a wheel. So in principle, in the case that you are PlayStation and Xbox users, our recommendation is that you opt for the G923, since according to Logitech you will be able to use it on both platforms without compatibility problems with games. With this, you will save having to buy a second steering wheel in the event that you are both fond of sagas and driving that are found on only one of the platforms such as Gran Turismo on PlayStation or the Forza saga on Xbox.

In any case, we still do not understand how Logitech has not launched a steering wheel with a universal keypad or a mode to work with the two consoles. And yes, we know that the steering wheel is not new, but we think they should have made the same G923 for both video game platforms.

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