If you have Google One, you can now use this feature on Windows

The VPN connections They allow us to forward our traffic through an external server so that we can hide our IP and our country of origin and we can browse the Internet privately and anonymously. Today we can find a large number of virtual private networks (VPN) to choose from, both free (and not recommended) and paid (much more reliable and secure). And, starting today, we have a new option to choose from, which comes to us from Google itself.

Google One It is the Google subscription plan for which, from 1.99 euros per month, we can have additional storage space in the Google cloud to save our files or our photos, as well as other additional benefits. We can choose from several plans the one that best suits us, starting with the 100 GB plan or 1.99 euros, up to the most complete, 2 TB, for 9.99 euros per month. In addition to having more storage space, this latest plan includes a free vpn to be able to protect the connections of our Android or iOS mobile. And, now, also for Windows or macOS.

This is how Google VPN works on Windows

If we are users of the 9.99 euro per month Google One plan, in addition to the 2 TB of cloud storage, we will also be able to use this private Google network to protect our mobile connections. We can activate or deactivate it whenever we want simply with a switch that we find in the Google One app and, thus, we can reduce online tracking and monitoring while improving our privacy.

Starting today, this VPN also reaches all Windows users. We simply have to download and install the Google One app on our computer, log in with our Google account and activate or deactivate the secure connection with the switch, much like we do with our mobile.

Also, it is important to note that this VPN has some limitations. For example, Google does not allow us to choose the country through which we are going to go to the Internet, so we cannot use it to avoid geographical restrictions. And we can’t use it to watch live sports or access other streaming content either. If we do, Google can cut us off the connection.

It is also important to note that this service is not available in all countries. Spain, luckily, is one of them, so from our country we will be able to use this virtual private connection without problems.

Other very easy VPNs to choose from

The truth is that Google’s VPN doesn’t add much, and it doesn’t stand out from many other services that do the same thing. It does not allow us to choose a location, nor does it offer us many other options to fully customize our privacy options. For such basic protection we have other options to choose from, such as the Mozilla VPNwhich we can enjoy for 60 dollars a year, or the Opera VPNwhich we can use completely free of charge.

We also have other much more complete and secure VPNs, such as NordVPNor free VPN, which we must use very carefully but that can help us get out of trouble, as is the case with UrbanVPN.

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