If you have problems on Kodi, this version fixes dozens of bugs

The multimedia content playback sector is covered by a multitude of software solutions, although Kodi It is one of the most used and well-known. We are faced with a powerful program that also allows us to manage all kinds of photos, videos, music, etc.

Largely due to its huge popularity across the globe, the app receives new updates on a regular basis. This is a open source project that is constantly growing and that does not stop improving and correcting detected errors. Indeed, this is the case we are dealing with at the moment through the new Kodi 19.4. And it is that, after the last version sent by its developers, some users have found and detected certain important errors.

Therefore, this new version that we are commenting on is practically based on offering us a good number of bug fixes. Keep in mind that this program is used in multitude of devices and operating systems for the reproduction of all types of content. Thus, from Kodi we have the possibility of working with all our video files, photographic content, music, television channels, or even applications. But of course, if various operating errors are added to this, the experience with the program declines ostensibly.

This is something that the heads of the multimedia application do not want to allow, hence the release of the new Kodi 19.4. In fact, the bugs fixed now they refer to various sections of the software itself, both functional and external in appearance. In case you have experienced these bugs, below we will talk about the fixes that were just sent.

Bug fixes coming to the new version of Kodi

Now, to benefit from these, you only have to download the multimedia player to your PC. At the same time it is important to know that after installing a new version we do not lose the configuration or the data established in the player. With everything and with it and to cure ourselves in health, it will not hurt that we carry out a backup of all our data, including the Kodi configuration.

  • Fixed the context menu bug from the home screen for when there are more than ten items in the menu.
  • They fix the search bar error that didn’t go away after 5 seconds when using a remote app.
  • Now we have a semicolon on the keyboard in English.
  • At the same time Chinese keyboard characters now display correctly.
  • Problems with exporting discographies are fixed.
  • Add a method of ordering of recordings based on season and episode.
  • Fix crash when navigating an empty guide on Kodi.
  • Fixed bug when deleting a group of channels.
  • Now the favorites of a blocked media source They hide.
  • Fixed bug with titles blu ray.
  • Fixed incorrect language identification from subtitles.
  • Subtitle display works fine.
  • Adjusted the audio buffers on playback.
  • Fixed autoplay of DVDs on Linux.

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