If you have problems with the Notch of the MacBook Pro try the option to scale

Notch or notch. You can read it in many ways, but especially in those two ways. We talk about the space that Apple has left on the screens of the new MacBook Pro presented on October 18. The normal thing is that developers can gradually modify the appearance of each of their applications so that they fit with it and that Apple has also taken into account that if not, do not clash. But there are always exceptions and for them there is also a solution: Climb.

When the iPhone with Notch was released, many users shouted to the sky. But after time, we see that it is not so bad and that users have gotten used to it very well. The exact same thing happens with the Notch or the notch on the recently introduced MacBook Pro. In both the 14 and 16 inches. Most applications are perfectly matched to it, but there are always exceptions that prove the rule.

For these applications that do not get along with this black space that houses the Webcam, there is also a solution provided by Apple itself, so we will not have to pull third-party programs or external applications. We should note that by increasing the height of the macOS menu bar to include the height of the notch, Apple expects that in most use cases, the notch will be easily ignored and will not interfere with content.

Apple has included a workaround application launch mode that exists as a workaround in case users encounter incompatibilities. This mode is available on the Get Info panel, labeled “Scale to fit under the built-in camera.” This check box may not always be available. This option is disabled by default, as most applications should work fine, as we have been saying.

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