If you have RGB lights on your computer, Windows 11 has great news for you

If there is something that characterizes the new operating system of the software giant, it is its user interface and adaptation for all kinds of uses. In addition, it is listening to the preferences and complaints of its millions of customers to adapt the operating system to their needs and tastes. This is something that little by little will come through the updates that the firm will send us periodically. Now we are going to focus on the increasingly common RGB lights that we have on many occasions in our equipment.

This is what we can find both in the CPU as such, as in some of the main components that we find. Well, if you find yourself in that situation, it is worth mentioning that soon Microsoft will add a native support in your Windows 11 software to control this RGB lighting of which we speak. Specifically, this control refers to the peripherals that we have installed on the computer, such as mice and keyboards. It is worth mentioning that on many occasions these specific devices are especially aimed at use in games.

Therefore, now Microsoft wants us to be able to take full advantage of and control these RGB lights from our equipment once we have installed Windows 11. Basically this will mean that we will no longer have to install third-party software from the manufacturer of the device in question for these tasks.

Activate the RGB lights function in Windows 11

In fact, on many occasions we have been able to verify that this external software for controlling the lights fails a lot and is even accompanied by malware. Another negative point when opting for this third party software is that, if we have accessories with RGB lighting from various manufacturers, sometimes we will have to install an application for each one.

Hence, Microsoft has made the determination to include a series of new RBG lighting controls in Windows 11. Of course, at the moment they are in development as a hidden feature of the operating system. Therefore, only users subscribed to the firm’s Insider program will be able to take a look at them. This is something that a user has recently discovered, which indicates that it will soon reach all of us. There is no doubt that this is a feature that many gamers or owners of devices with RGB lights will appreciate.

It must be taken into account that, to enable this hidden feature, in addition to belonging to the Insider program and having the latest build of Windows 11, we will have to do this. Through the open source ViVe application, we will have to execute these commands from the command prompt window:

vivetool /enable /id:35262205
vivetool /enable /id:41355275

Once we have enabled this, the new settings will appear to control these RGB lighting. Specifically, we can do it from the configuration application in Personalization / Lighting.

rgb 11

Here we will see all the connected RGB devices that we have the possibility to manage. By clicking on a compatible device, we will be able to manage its brightness, lighting effect, its speed and color. We can also configure the RGB lights so that they adapt to the accent color that we use in Windows.

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