If you have to upload a PDF to the Internet and share it, do it on these websites

It is increasingly common for us to share our office documents, as is the case with those created in Word, Excel or PDFwith other users over the Internet. For this we can use various methods such as the websites that we will talk about below.

A few years ago, most of the files we worked with on our computers were stored in the hard drives internally, or stored on external media for use on other computers. Thanks to the Internet age, all this has advanced significantly and we can now share all kinds of documents directly just by using our web browser.

This is something that, for example, happens with the increasingly popular files in PDF format that we use both in professional and personal environments. This type of movement allows us to make available to users from all over the world, all kinds of documentation stored in a file of these characteristics. That is precisely why we have at our fingertips a multitude of platforms and applications specially designed for these tasks.

Next, we are going to talk about a series of platforms or web applications that will be helpful when uploading and share a PDF online. These offer us the necessary functions so that we can upload and share these files in the easiest way possible. At the same time, some offer interesting security measures to protect the privacy of our personal documents online.


First of all, we will talk about a platform to share this type of office files that is characterized by the simplicity of use that it offers us. However, this does not affect its functionality, since it will be very useful for us when uploading these PDF files so that others can access them online. Furthermore, it is important to know that we are dealing with a Web Application that we can use without spending a single euro and that offers us some interesting additional functions.

For example, we will have the possibility of protecting these files that we share with a password in order to safeguard these contents in case of unwanted leaks. At the same time we will have the possibility to delete these files ourselves by hand, although they are automatically deleted if they do not have activity for 60 days.

Google Docs

Perhaps many of you already know this office suite that the search giant offers us and that we can use just by having an account Google. Among the innumerable functions that different programs offer us, this is a perfect solution to easily upload and share PDF files. It must be taken into account that the programs we are talking about here focus on group work and through the cloud.

That is precisely why we have the possibility of sharing our personal files in this format with other users, as well as being able to use many others. We achieve all this through our personal Google Drive storage space, which means that we will have a good number of gigabytes to share this type of contents with the rest of the users to whom we see permission. In addition, it is worth noting that we can do all this for free.


It is worth mentioning that in this case we find a service for this type of task with PDFs that allows us to upload files of up to 200 megabytes. In addition, we can do all this quickly and easily thanks to the user interface that it presents to us. One of its main aspects to highlight is that we will have the possibility of sharing these PDF files with other users over the Internet without spending a single euro.


Therefore, it can be said that this is an excellent alternative for this type of task for those who do not want complications when it comes to sharing their office content. Uploading the corresponding files to the platform is as easy as dragging them from Windows Explorer, for example, so that they are stored on the firm’s servers.

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