If you have Xbox Game Pass or EA Play, you can now play FIFA 22

The advantages of Xbox Game Pass

Since Microsoft included EA Play in its service, gamers have been able to enjoy an even larger catalog of games thanks to all the additions from EA. With versions of Battlefield, FIFA, UFC, Star Wars and many more, the game options are endless, however, the proposal increases with the 10-hour tests.

And it is that the service offers with its new releases the possibility of trying new games for a total of 10 hours, a period of time that, once consumed, will invite you to purchase the game if you liked it. Well, that’s just what is being offered with FIFA 22 early, so you only have to go through the EA catalog to get the 10-hour trial.

How can I play the 10 hours of FIFA 22?


To get the trial version you just have to go to the Microsoft Store and have an account of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (or go through the EA Play catalog if you do it on PS $ / PS5 or PC), in order to qualify for the trial period that is offered. You will only have to access the link below to remotely download the 10-hour free trial from today.

With the download completed, you only have to start the game to start playing and discover the news that has been included in this new edition of FIFA. Remember that the new Hypermotion technology is only available on the new generation of consoles, while the Xbox One and PC version will not include it (as well as some celebrations and other additional functions).

It is important to clarify that the 10 hours of play are cumulative, and will only be consumed when you have the game open. You will be able to continue the game as many times as you want, and once the 10 hours are completed, you will have no choice but to wait until October 1 to be able to play the full version of the game. Nor should you worry about the progress you make during the trial period, so you should not fear losing the team with the best players you have achieved in Ultimate Team during these few hours of play.

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