If you install these 4 programs you will avoid a critical failure on your PC

When our computer works well, we tend to forget about all the maintenance tasks and doing the necessary tests to make sure that everything is correct. And when disaster strikes, it’s usually too late. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to carry out regular checks on the state of health of our computer. And, for this, one of the best ways to do it is by using some programs like the ones that we are going to recommend below.

Thanks to these programs we will be able to see the exit status of all the components of the computer, both software and hardware. Thus, we can anticipate any possible problem and solve it, one way or another, before it’s too late.

Let’s see the programs.

Reliability history, view PC errors

The first of the programs to control the state of health of our computer is Reliability Monitor. This program allows us to have control over all the errors and events that occur in our operating system. It is a tool similar to the system event viewer, but much more graphical and visual.

reliability history

This tool is included by default in all versions of Windows, so we don’t have to download anything to be able to use it. To open it, what we have to do is open the Windows Control Panel, and go to the System and security > Security and maintenance > Maintenance > View reliability history section.

In this section we can see all the errors and warnings that the system has generated each day of the week. That way, if we have a lot of them, we can easily address them and try to fix them before a critical error occurs on the PC.

CrystalDiskInfo, avoid failures in the hard drive or SSD

Another component that can fail over time is the hard drive. Whether it is a normal HDD or an SSD, it is essential to monitor its health in order to anticipate any possible problem that we may encounter. And for this, there is no simpler program than CrystalDiskInfo.

CrystalDiskInfo interface

This software uses the SMART data that all the units have to detect any possible problem and allow us to anticipate failure. If we see that the health status goes down, or turns yellow or red, we must remove the data from the unit as soon as possible and replace it with a new one.

Download CrystalDiskInfo.

JScreenFix, fix sleeping or dead pixels

Another problem that we can find when using our computer is that the monitor starts to fail. Although it is true that it is less and less frequent to find dead pixels, when we see a black dot on the screen we get upset. This point (or points, if there are several) are so annoying that, in the end, we end up buying a new screen. But, if we catch them in time, it may not be necessary.

Thanks to JScreenFix we will be able to try to repair these pixels without having to install anything on the PC or pay anything. To do this, when entering the web, it allows us to generate a box on the screen where hundreds of colors are generated per second so that we can force the pixel to work again.

It doesn’t always work. Its developers indicate that the success rate is around 60%. But by trying, we lose nothing.

Enter JScreenFix.

AIDA64, control PC temperatures

This program allows us to know in detail all the components of the computer. But there is a section that especially interests us in order to know how the system is working: the temperature sensor.

AIDA64 - Analysis 16

Thanks to this function we will be able to see the temperature of the processor, the motherboard, the graphics card, the hard drives, and other elements of the PC to have everything under control. If something goes wrong, or gets out of hand, it is possible that we have something that is not working properly. It also helps us to know the voltage values ​​and be able to anticipate a possible failure of the power supply.

Download AIDA64.

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