If you like PlayStation, do not miss the best themes and backgrounds

Not all Windows systems are the same, at least in appearance. The customization options and functions of this software have been growing over time, with the backgrounds and themes that we use being the most common elements. Let’s see how we can get hold of these to decorate our desktop with the best playstation games.

Surely many of you have already seen first-hand that, when it comes to customizing Windows, one of the first changes we make is your desktop. Specifically, we refer to the aspect of this element that is so important and that we use almost constantly. As long as we have one valid windows licensewe will have the possibility of establishing a different background or theme in this section.

Microsoft itself offers us some by default so that we can establish them if we wish. But at the same time and in a very simple way we have the possibility of choosing other backgrounds and themes to decorate the system. We can download these from the official store of its developer, or download them from the internet and integrate them here.

PlayStation themes to decorate Windows

Due to everything mentioned below we are going to offer you some interesting game related topics that surely the regulars of the PlayStation know.

  • Playstation 5: It is more than likely that many of those who do not yet have it, are wanting to get a new PlayStation 5. From here and for the moment what we can offer you is a spectacular theme of the new console for you to install on your PC with Windows.
  • Elden Ring Theme: Without a doubt, this is one of the titles that is causing the most sensation on most gaming platforms and devices today. Here you have a theme composed of 11 HD backgrounds to be part of your desktop from now on.
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Theme: Something similar happens with the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla game, so surely many want to have a theme for it on their Windows.
  • Hades Theme: And what about this other theme of the Hades game that offers us a total of 14 high-definition wallpapers to be exchanged on our computer.

Gaming backgrounds for your desktop

But it can also be the case that you want to establish a fixed background for the Windows desktop referring to the same theme that we discussed. Hence, in these lines we are also going to offer you some elements of this type if you are lovers of playstation games.

Resident Evil Village: Set this background from one of the most popular horror games out there, Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil VillagePlaystation 5: As was the case with the themes, we offer you a background especially dedicated to the console itself.

playstation 5 windowsHorizon: Forbidden West: If there is something that characterizes this title, it is its scenarios, something that you can check on your Windows desktop.

Horizon: Forbidden West windowsSpider-Man: Miles Morales: It is more than likely that many of you know more than enough about the game Spider-Man: Miles Morales, here you have an impressive background.

Spider-Man: Miles MoralesHitman 3: And what about this spectacular title based on stealth and with which you can decorate the system desktop.

Hitman 3Grand Touring 7: if you like cars and your PlayStation, you will love this wallpaper.

Gran Turismo 7 windows

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